Major trading hub and center of Kingdom of Kydia, one of three member states of Triumvirate, a notable maritime part-country part-syndicate that is a major player on eastern Native Sea. It is one of the biggest - and wealthiest - towns in the Imperium, due to its favourable position on the crossing between two major trade routes.   It is ruled officially by sorcerer-king of Kydia, with city council serving as his executors. In fact, however, the Council of Oligarchs - the true power in Kydia, in which sorcerer-king is only a single member - reigns over the city itself, controlling overwhelming majority of industry and military, while owning significant part of population.


Kydia was formed by Sea Elves, that even today form overwhelming majority of upper stratas of society. All oligarchs are sea elves and most of the wealthy district are populated mostly by them. During last census from c. 900 000 inhabitants, 320 000 were Sea Elves, among this 65 000 considered wealthy, and 150 000 from middle strata (mostly free craftsman and so on), while the rest (105 000) are slaves.   Out of 580 000 non-sea elves inhabiting Kydera, two biggest groups are Dark elves and humans. Dark elves made up for about 290 000, with 220 000 being slaves and 70 000 being of middle strata (the few cases of wealthy dark elves are within range of statistical error). Humans are about 140 000, 95 000 being slaves and the rest free and a part of middle strata. Rest is a complete mix of rarer species.   Religiously it is a mix between Imperial Religion (most popular among the wealthy and middle strata) and Inrithism that spreads especially throughout the slaves.


Kydera has several walls, built periodically after the city itself outgrown the last ones. Nevertheless they aren't too well protected, for Kydia relies on its powerful fleet to repel on attacks on Native Sea waters.


Two main trade routes of Native Sea cross each other around the Island of Rhora, on which Kydera is located. First one is the Silk Road that goes from Far Eastern states through Bharata Kanda on Yndian Peninsula, Kasytian Coast, Red Sea, Iron Channel and then through Native Sea to Vestiria and Alvaena. Through it come spices, velvet, eastern crafts, porcelain and many other luxurious goods.   Another one is the so called Slave Roads. It has three main parts. Northern goes from Vhessan Empire through the Nikopolan Straits (or beneath it, if Nikopolan Hegemony tries to enforce embargo) to Native Sea closely to Rydia, and then throughout the Native Sea. Bringing dark elven slaves, crafts and ores.   Second - Southern - goes through the Saratian Desert and connects half legendary Golden Kingdoms with Imperium - bring human slaves and gold, in exchange for products of imperial industry (especially weapons)   Third, Western, goes from Virijan Hierarchy - bringing tunneler slaves, crafts and ores. While Itavian Peninsula, Karthian Oligarchy and Novian Republic consume most of them, Kydera (and Kydia as a whole) still gets a lot from Northern and Southern routes.   There is also a so called Eastern Route - to Hezranian Caliphate were slaves are exported, this time almost completely via Triumvirate.   While local industry is rather feeble, the sheer size of trade that goes through it makes it wealthy, while increasing the disparity and weakening middle strata.

Large city
Circa 900 000.


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