Dark Elves

Xylian Dominion created first dark elves to serve as an experimental specie of elves to aid Xylian generally unsuccesful efforts to explore Labirynth. Overwhelming majority of their relatively minuscule specie was settled in uppermost levels of Labirynth beneath the Black Mountains, while - for some reason - another, much smaller group was settled on Vestirian Isles.   After Black Iron War they were left alone, with extremely small population. That was also very 'scared' following being an object of expansive Xyl selective breeding program, dedicated to finding out how far can they be enhanced that way. Both risk of extinction and the treatment they received led them (with their gods' help) to adopting rather extreme means of repopulating, which long-termly created their extremely hedonist civilization of today.   Their chief country is Vhessan Empire, suprisingly loyal and stalwart ally of the Imperium that is the only one of their states has extensive surface holdings. It is also one of the most ancient states in Karadia, much older than even Imperium itself.   There are also four other significant dark elven countries and one much smaller. Vycheav, Lileth and Viathey are in Labirynth surrounding Vhessana - they went independent after the Vhessan Empire mostly collapsed following its golden age. Kingdom of Litheana beneath Sera and Setarria Isles was settled in old empire period. Dukedom of Drakh is what remains of vestirian colony, small and relatively insignificant.   They also spread quite far and wide throughout Imperium, with many of them forming small local districts dealing in crafts and slaves, slowly assimilating culturally overtime.

Basic Information


Typical humanoids. Two hands, two legs, one head. No significant changes to their anatomy from humans. Black skin.

Biological Traits

As all elves, they are very dependant on level of their blood purity. Mixing with other elven subspecies makest heir offsprings genetically inferior, slowly degenerating into low elves, making special traits of their subspecies much weaker with every generation, and lowering their lifespan.

Genetics and Reproduction

Their reproduction is typical for elves. Can have children only with other elves, ogres, and very magical beings like shapeshifters and high dragons. Pregnancy ranges from 9 to 10 months, depending on level of blood purity.

Ecology and Habitats

Prefer Labirynth, either area of Blackwater Sea or near surface, since they tend to heavily rely on their exports. They are also often encountered as slaves or in small 'districts' in various cities - they are quite welcomed and practically 'sold' by their land of origins. Not in a slave way, but still you have to pay them to let a group of them settling, which tends to be a good long term investment.   After moving in they tend to lose their original cultural 'quirks' (for some reason mostly related to sex) and continue on with their population stabilized, quickly assimilating mostly while remaining a closed community.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

White, silver or grey hair, red or violet eyes.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dark elves were heavily modified by Xylian Dominion in terms of their perception. Their sight was made to be able to easily discern forms and movement even in darkness. It, however, had its costs. Their sight is subpar in light. Not exactly bad, but they tend to feel as if it is too bright for them for most of time (unless its rainy).   Their hearing was also improved, to the point of sufficiently trained elves are capable of using rudimentary echolocation. On the other hand, they tend to be easily startled or even stunned by sufficiently loud and surprising noises.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Heavily varied between their remaining states. They however tend to be extremely segregated, up to sexes even living separately prior to marriage (which mostly happens quite late).

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Vhessan Speech

Common Taboos

Unlike other elves, there is next to no taboo about mixed reltionships among dark elves. Their numbers are many and still growing. If anything, overpopulation is a problem for them (hence seeing big part of their population as their chief export).

Created by: Xylian Dominion.
IC: Occurence: Widespread
IC: Danger: Not Threatened
Average Height
Average Weight


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