Xylian Dominion


Xylian Dominion was a militant magocracy, with practically every important position and property up to grab by every person capable of overpowering its owner. As such, it was perpetually unstable and stagnant, with massive projects suddenly stopped simply because its proponents and/or supporters were killed in combat by pretendents.   As such Xylian society soon devolved into a state of variety of nearly independent and closed family communes, with all property being communal, since that prevent internal fights and longs strings of murders commited for every valuable property. Such communes relied on armies of machines and, later on, geneengineered slaves to work properly. With most of xyls relying on the policy of not making themselves target - thus, no property, no important positions and no combat skills that would others think about them as a threat.   Above such commune level were the Dominarii, a caste of magic users, war engineers, and gene engineers, that were the true ruling caste of Xylian Dominion. Made of the ambitious individuals, with nigh perpetual backstabbing and duels, with every possible mean (including some VERY dark magicks) to triumph over others used without a second of doubt. With only the strongest, most cunning and most ruthless capable of ruling over entirety of Dominion for even a while.

Public Agenda

Agenda of Xylian Dominion was equal to agenda of its current ruler, the Dominarii that managed to climb above all others with strenght, brutality, ruthlessness and cunning. As such Dominion's policies were completely unpredictable, with their only one action caused by the public pressure being the second Xylian-Mechanic War.


The Xylian Dominion is considered by Imperium of Karadia a supercivilization, which equals being capable of conquering the world today. As such, their assets were many. The biggest being nigh endless numbers of warmachines. Primitive compared to one used by for example K'Shisan Tyranny, Kivanthian Doctrinate or Kraad Technocracy, but efficient, easily repaired or replaced, and possible to be produced en masse.   Late Xylian Dominion also possessed massive ammounts of slaves - ogres, elves and dwarf - that could be also used en masse as a cannon fodder. With their later civilizations (especially elf one) derived from areas considered by Dominion as 'breeding zone', regularly culled from surplus population that was then processed into soldiers (which was very late addition, much after the shameful defeat during Third Xylian-Kivanthian War) by technomagical cerebral implants practically erasing free will and enforcing the loyalty of slave soldiers.   Both implanted slaves and the technology for such implants was later on expunged by Command AI, with few remnants mostly purged by gods.


Xylian Dominion rose to dominance as one of many civilization that waged war of control over Karathian continent during the Late Archaic Era, ultimately exterminating all of their oponnents to the last, expanding also to the north Arrica and western Arzia, doing the same thing there.   Their early history is simply unknown, since they did not kept records of their history (for reason unknown). Later accidents are mostly known from outside sources, including human city-states of Akhad, Kivanthian Doctrinate and Menorian Empire.   They were finally exterminated by Command AI during the Black Iron War.

Demography and Population

Estimated to several millions at the peak of their civilization, dropped nearly to zero during the Black Iron War, with its succesive states of Kraad Technocracy, Syhon Mir and Taretian State all wiped out (or, in case of Technocracy, leaving the Light) it was finally reduced to zero.

Xylian Dominion

Capital: Unknown.
Official Languages: Xylian.
Religion: Details unknown, their deities ties to the Light considered severed at the end of Black Iron War.
Government: Militant Magocracy.
Last Ruler: Unknown.
Population: Unknown, estimated around 6-7 million of xyls and up to 10 millions of slaves at its peak.
Currency: Unknown, possibly none.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Xyls Dominion, Dominion, Xylian Empire.


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