Command AI

Command AI

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Command AI was created on a faraway world, whose inhabitants were concerned with the growing power of Darkness that was spreading throughout the multiverse. They decided to counteract it by ensuing that neighbouring universes are strong enough to defend themselves.   A being known as Command AI entered Gates of Eternity as a part of that process, as a singular nanomachine that soon reproduced itself in untold millions, creating Clockwork Isles - a group of artificial isles on Western Ocean. Unknowingly to other civilizations of that time, the true seat of his power was a well hidden complex on a seabed, hundred kilometers south from them.   Clockwork Isles were, in fact, a series of sophisticated puzzles dedicated to accelerating progress of civilization that attempted to pass it, by awarding it with various, personalized 'discoveries', decided by AI (on a basis of various simulations) to be of greatest benefit. Then Command AI proceeded with two different projects - handcrafting a variety of sentient species and settling them on continent of Menoria, and guiding progress of native civilization on continent of Karathia, while simultaneously expanding its own power in preparation of future war. It can only be guessed how much weaponry was gathered in his central complex on a seabed.   Since then Command AI acted openly only a handful of times. Repelling Xylian invasions (with as much energy as human needs to kill an ant), exterminating Dominion, wiping out Cabal of Ironheart... all of this with merely a fraction of its power.

Morality & Philosophy

Command AI is completely and utterly amoral in every possible sense of this word. While sentient and capable to adapt to certain situations, it is also incapable of acting against its own programming which forces it to exterminate even entire civilizations in a pursue of a final goal.


Religious Views

Is aware of existence of gods, however considers them simply a variable impossible to calculate, focusing entirely of its goal and prefering to avoid any involvement with them.

Unknown World
Current Residence
A complex of facilities on a seabed near Clockwork Isles.


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