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Known by many as the second city of the kingdom of Vallanna, Laranna is centrally located, on the banks of The Lifeblood River , south of The Drakeseat Mountains .   Prior to joining with the northern coastal Kingdom and the southern Barony of Serenal, to form the modern-day Kingdom of Vallanna at the dawn of the Age of Unification, Laranna was capital of its own small nation, known as the Duchy of Laranna.   The city is a major trading hub, dealing with a large amount of traffic and commerce heading up and down the river; and also sitting on the nation's main trade road, which leads from the capital of Valliné on the northern coastline to the southern city of Serenal on the edge of Lake Arla.   The central district of the city, known as the Old Town, is the most densely populated part of the city, sitting behind the city's main defensive wall. It is home to the ducal palace, as well as the majority of the city's elite. As the name implies, Old Town is the most ancient part of Laranna. Indeed, the city itself was at one time composed entirely of the real-estate within the district's borders.   Outside the protective curtain wall surrounding Old Town, the city has sprawled along the banks of The Lifeblood River and across the plain. Inhabitants of these outlying districts are by and large members of the working classes, recent migrants to the city, or those unable to afford the status and lodgings afforded in Old Town.


65% Human 15% Dwarf 10% Elf & Half-Elf 10% Other


Laranna, along with the lands, towns and villages surrounding it, is ruled over by the Duke of Laranna - Corryn Enarren, and his wife, Elara Enarren.   As for the running of the city itself, a council of prominent citizens advise the Duke, and take his direction. The council is traditionally made up of representatives from the city's upper classes, along with elected representatives from the traders, builders and religious community leaders. The commander of the city watch, also holds a seat on the council, although in practice, does not overly intervene with most of the issues raised by the council.


Laranna's central district and old-town are protected from attack by a large stone curtain wall, and defensive towers. In the centuries since the construction of this wall however, the city has grown, with many districts sitting outside the wall. In an effort to still keep these districts protected, a newer, smaller wall system has been built incrementally around these newer buildings. Large watchtowers keep vigilant eyes out for any attacks, although it has been many years since Laranna itself has come under any kind of a siege.   As the city sits on the bank of The Lifeblood River, extra defensive towers have been built along both sides of the river to prevent any attackers from simply sailing past the curtain wall.


The Riverside Docks - A large amount of river traffic passes through Laranna; northwards to Wildriver and Springport, or southwards to Serenal and Lake Arla. As such, a large dockland area has sprung up along the riverbank. The Riverside Docks are home to many warehouses and traders; along with local fishermen and such. There are a fairly large number of inns in the district, catering to those who make their living on the river.   The Bo'Vril Factory - Mostly closed off to visitors; this elven-owned private venture produces the mysteriously addictive beverage Bo'Vril, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years.   The Green Flask - This three-storey inn is located near to the Old Town's main gate. Being so centrally located means it is a popular watering hole for both locals and visitors to the city.


Old Town - Protected by a formidable curtain wall, Old Town is the city's oldest and most central district. As its name implies, this district was once the entirety of the settlement of Laranna, before it grew into the bustling metropolis of today. Home to the Ducal Palace.

Guilds and Factions

Many of the city's merchants are members of the Laranna Commerce Guild, which elects a representative to sit on the city's ruling council. Membership in the guild is not mandatory, but many traders and merchants are happy to pay their guild fees in exchange for the influence that guild membership brings.   The Dwarven Trade Guild also maintains a prescence in Laranna; facilitating trade between the city and the independent Dwarven settlements, including the nearby town of Shalefast, in The Drakeseat Mountains.
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