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Sameo Enarren

Prince Sameo Alric Enarren

Mental characteristics


As a member of The Royal Family, Sameo was tutored from a young age by the most acclaimed scholars in the land, mostly at home in the Palace of Laranna.   Despite the quality of the education which he was provided, however, Sameo remained an indifferent student; more interested in learning horsemanship and the martial arts from the Palace's Master at Arms and other staff.
With no ambitions to continue his education any longer than was absolutely necessary, it could be said that in regards to the pursuit of learning, he was easily outstripped by his younger sister, Elys Enarren.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Known to have a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to the members of the opposite sex, and also with a proclivity to leave the palace and covertly partake of the taverns and ale-houses of Laranna, Sameo has engaged in more than one discreet tryst with members of the common-folk. While it is unlikely that his drinking habits are unknown to his parents, Sameo has gone to great lengths to ensure that his other activities while away from the palace remain a secret.


Family Ties

Grandson to the current King and Queen of The Kingdom of Vallanna - King Aegic Enarren & Queen Eryn Enarren.
Son of Corryn Enarren, Duke of Laranna and Elara Enarren, Duchess of Laranna.
Brother of Elys Enarren.
Nephew of Walton Enarren, Duke of Serenal & Cynna Enarren.
Cousin of Mara Enarren, Sybil Enarren, and Altar Enarren.  

Wealth & Financial state

As a member of The Royal Family, Sameo has access to more wealth than most citizens of the land would see in a hundred lifetimes.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Vallana; Heir to the Duchy of Laranna; 8th in line to the Throne
Year of Birth
1281 AoU 27 Years old
Aligned Organization


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