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Elys Enarren

Princess Elys Ariel Enarren

The second child of the Duke and Duchess of Laranna, Corryn Enarren, Duke of Laranna & Elara Enarren, Duchess of Laranna, and ninth in line for the throne of The Kingdom of Vallanna, Elys Enarren is a self-possessed, intelligent young woman who, rather than spend her life lazing around in palaces or pursuing courtly intrigue, has chosen to follow the path of magical learning; studying at The Grand Arcaneum of Vallanna, in Valliné. Until the recent events in the village of Wildmeadow, she was the apprentice of Mo'Dai, The Chronomancer, and was approaching the end of her studies at the Arcaneum; at which point she would be considered a fully-fledged magical practitioner.   Born in Laranna in 1283 AoU, two years after her brother Sameo, Elys was always the more outward-looking of the pair. Through her studies as a child, and the stories told to her by her father, grandfather, and other members of the royal household, she developed a fascination with learning about the world outside the palace gates. It was only a matter of time before this search for knowledge brought her attention to the subject of magic, which soon became her main focus in life.

Mental characteristics


As a member of The Royal Family, Elys was tutored from a young age by the most acclaimed teachers in the land, mostly at home in the Palace of Laranna.   Having always displayed a fascination with magic, at the age of 19, Elys was accepted into The Grand Arcaneum of Vallanna as an Initiate. She travelled to Valliné to study at the Arcaneum's main campus. During her studies, she showed great aptitude for spellcrafting; learning with ease the rudiments of magical knowledge that are the building blocks of a career in the magical arts.   At the beginning of her third year of study, Elys was taken on as an Apprentice by Mo'Dai, The Chronomancer, a member of the High Council, who had shown little interest in teaching previously. Initially excited at the prospect of learning from such a prestigious master, Elys quickly found that her lessons and duties under Mo'Dai's tutelage were disconnected and by and large seemed to serve little purpose that she could see. She would be bidden to travel to places she had no knowledge of to perform various tasks, with little to no explanation as to how they related to her magical education.   The final task given to her by Mo'Dai was to travel to a quiet road outside of Wildmeadow and await the arrival of three travellers, whom she was told would help her accomplish her task. This task, she soon discovered, would involve saving the village of Wildmeadow from a time-dilation field created during an attack on Mo'Dai himself, in an attempt to steal The Eye of Moments from his care. This attack would cost Mo'Dai his life - a fact that he seemed unsurprised by at the time.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

A strong eye for fairness. Interested in seeing justice done, with as little loss of life as possible. Believes in the good in people. Not afraid to admit when she does not know something.

Vices & Personality flaws

A little impatient when under stress, or when she has a pressing engagement. Has little time for those that she sees as wasting the gifts and time that they have at their disposal.


Always makes sure that she and her clothes are in immaculate condition. Learning the use of the spell 'Prestidigitation' to keep everything clean, during her first weeks at the Arcaneum has seen her in good stead in this regard. She has been known to use this spell on travelling companions whose personal hygiene falls below her standards (e.g. Pronce).


Contacts & Relations

Mo'Dai, The Chronomancer - Elys' mentor during her final year of study at The Grand Arcaneum of Vallanna. Member of the Arcaneum's High Circle. Deceased as of the dispelling of the Wildmeadow Time Anomaly by Elys on 25/12/1307 AoU.   Valrune Beiro - A half-elf Royal Guard assigned to protect her, by her father, against her protestations.   Mardana Steelbrand - A dwarven student at the Arcaneum with whom Elys shared a room during her first two years of study.   During her trip to the village of Wildmeadow, Elys encountered and travelled with Pronce, Enothe Strife and Bork Mantut.

Family Ties

Granddaughter to the current King and Queen - King Aegic Enarren & Queen Eryn Enarren .   Daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Laranna - Corryn & Elara Enarren.   Sister of Sameo Enarren.   Niece to the Duke and Duchess of Serenal - Walton and Cynna Enarren.   Cousin to Mara Enarren-Vasre, Sybil Enarren and Altar Enarren.  

Hobbies & Pets

A white horse named Auris.   An Amethyst Cat named Calypso.

Wealth & Financial state

As a member of The Royal Family, Elys has access to more wealth than most citizens of the land would see in a hundred lifetimes. Money has never been Elys' focus in life, however; preferring to focus upon her magical studies.
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Princess of Vallanna; 9th in line to the Throne; 2nd in line to Duchy of Laranna
Ascendant-Level Apprentice
Year of Birth
1283 AoU 25 Years old
Light blue
Shoulder-length, blonde.
5'9 or 175cm
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common; Elvish; Celestial


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