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The northern coastal city of Valliné has been the capital city of Vallanna since the nation's founding. It is from here that King Aegic Enarren and Queen Eryn Enarren rule the land from the grand Cerulean Palace; traditional seat of power for the rulers of the kingdom for over a thousand years. The city is the largest, and most populous of the nation's settlements, and also among the oldest. It is split into a number of different districts, each separated from one another by defensive walls.   In place of prominence, both in terms of social standing and wealth; and physically, is the Overlook District; home to the rich and powerful of the city, and also the site of The Cerulean Palace . Situated on the high promontory of Darin's Plateau, which stretches out into the ocean, and looms over the rest of the city, the district stands very much as the pinnacle of the city's society. It is also home to the The Ascension Spires - Headquarters of The Grand Arcaneum of Vallanna and the centre of magical authority and learning in Vallanna.   At the foot of Darin's Plateau sits the Temple District, where places of worship to the many religions of the land, both popular and niche, have flourished. The largest of such institutions in the district is the Cathedral of the Platinum Dragon; the headquarters of the priesthood of Bahumut.   Adjacent to the Temple District lies The Dream Glade; a large enclosed parkland and wooded area, which plays host to a number of druids and those who work with nature.   In the centre of the city is a large, open, paved space, known as The Square of Heroes. Lined on all sides by tall statues of prominent figues of Vallanna's past, the square is a meeting place, and city landmark which is seldom empty of visitors. The true centrepiece of the square is a huge fountain, at the centre of which are statue representations of all of the varied peoples which make up the population of Vallanna.  


65% Human
15% Dwarf
20% Other


Unlike the southern city of Laranna, Valliné is completely enclosed by a large, fortified curtain wall, offering it a high degree of protection from outside threats. A series of high defensive towers are arranged along the wall at regular intervals, giving the city guard a complete unobstructed view of all of the approaches to the city.   Adjacent to the city's western gate, the main garrison and headquarters of the Army of Vallana, The Sapphire Keep, is situated. While the majority of the army's forces are spread throughout the lands, the Valliné garrison is still home to a large number of troops.   The elite Royal Cerulean Guard maintain their own garrison adjacent to the Royal Palace on Darin's Plateau. Their duties are mostly limited to the protection of the Royal Family and their residences.   Within the city, individual districts are also enclosed by defensive walls. In the event of invasion, this allows the city's defenders to slow the advance of invading forces.

Guilds and Factions

Valliné, as the capital city of The Kingdom of Vallanna, is home to many guilds and organisations. These include, but are not limited to -   The Grand Arcaneum of Vallanna - The nationally recognised authority on all matters of magic and the arcane. The Grand Tower of the Arcaneum can be found in the district of Darin's Plateau, and is both the headquarters of the Arcaneum and also the place where it trains those just beginning their magical journeys.   Royal Vallanna Explorers Guild - The Explorers Guild are a well-respected organisation of adventurers, explorers and archaeologists, who conduct expeditions throughout the lands of Vallanna and beyond, in seach of renown and knowledge. Their headquarters can be found on the south-eastern side of the Square of Heroes.


The city is situated on the northern coastline, built around a gently curving bay. The majority of the city is close to sea-level, apart from a large promontory, known as Darin's Plateau, which rises from the sea and looms over the rest of the city.
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