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Eryn Enarren

Queen Eryn Iona Enarren

Spouse of King Aegic Enarren, Eryn is the current Queen of The Kingdom of Vallanna, and has ruled alongside her husband since 1257 AoU.   She and her husband have two children - Walton (the current Duke of Serenal), and Corryn (the current Duke of Laranna Five grandchildren - Mara, Sybil, Sameo, Elys and Altar; and two great-grandchildren - Ella and Rys.   She is well regarded by the citizenry, having championed the causes of many of the often overlooked subsets of society, such as the rural communities of Golden Plateau and The Southern Baronies. She has been a strong advocate for peaceful relations with the neighbouring nations of The Kingdom of Ashalla and The Empire of Ruvaad, having seen firsthand during The Demon War what horrors can be wrought on a people in times of strife.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The eldest child of of the then Baron of Midrest, Phillip Trevethen; Eryn made the treacherous trip to Valliné at the height of The Demon War, aged fifteen, with her father as he petitioned the king for more military resources to protect the citizens in his care from cult attacks. It was on this trip that she would meet her future husband, then-Crown-Prince Aegic Enarren, although she was not aware of his identity during their first meeting. She quickly became friends with the young prince, however, and inspired by his confidence and resolve to do his part in the war, despite the wishes of his father, agreed to join Aegic's small band of companions, The Azure Chain, as they plotted how best to contribute to the war effort.   Much as the king, Alric Enarren, did not approve of his son Aegic's aspirations of adventure, Eryn's father was adamantly opposed to her involvement in any fighting and with his business in the capital concluded, was quick to begin the journey back to Midrest with his daughter in tow. Two days into this trip, as the convoy stopped at a roadside inn for the night, Eryn snuck away, stealing a sword and a horse, and galloping away into the night to meet her new friends and do her part.   Over the course of the final year of The Demon War, Aegic, Eryn, and their companions scored a series of key victories against the plotting demonic cults, rallying the flagging forces of Vallanna and Ashalla, turning the tide against the cultists. Eventually they learned of the location of the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath, mastermind and leader of the Demonic forces ravaging the land, in the ruined dwarven city of Auricheim, deep in the Auric Wastes. With an army at their backs, Aegic and his companions led an army to Auricheim, managing to banish Val'Gorath and putting an end to the war.   Three years after the end of the war, Eryn and Aegic would be married, with their first son, Walton, arriving a year later. Five years later, a second son, Corryn was born. A year after that, Aegic's aging father, King Alric Enarren died, and Aegic ascended to the throne. The couple have ruled the land peacefully since then.


As the daughter of the Baron of Midrest, Eryn was tutored in private; receiving lessons in a variety of subjects, along with education in court etiquette. As she grew into a young woman, and The Demon War showed no signs of abating, her father soon saw the sense in having her learn self-defense, and instructed his master-at-arms to teach her how to swing a sword. She later put this combat training to use when she ran away to join the young Crown Prince Aegic Enarren to fight in the war as part of The Azure Chain.


Family Ties


Aegic Enarren


Towards Eryn Enarren


Eryn Enarren


Towards Aegic Enarren


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Vallanna
Year of Birth
1232 AoU 76 Years old
Aegic Enarren (Husband)
Current Residence
Cerulean Palace, Valliné
Light blue
White; Once dark-blonde.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish and Dwarvish


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