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The Kingdom of Ashalla

The Kingdom of Ashalla is a large nation on the west coast of the central continent of the world of Altea. It shares a long border with its north-easterly neighbour, The Kingdom of Vallanna, with whom it shares friendly diplomatic relations. The nation is split geographically into Northern and Southern regions by western end of the Ice Spine Mountains. In the south, the nation shares a border with Kingdom of Aeralia, Sarvela, and Ceythia. To the west is the Sea of Vallar.   Ashalla is currently ruled by Queen Lucienne de la Fleur, who has held the throne for the past fifteen years, following the death of her father, King Robert de la Fleur.   The seat of royal power is the capital city of Éternité in the west of the country, on the coast of the Sea of Vallar. Other notable settlements are the coastal town of Merbleue, the bustling trading post of Caveil, near to the border with Vallanna, and in the foothills of the imposing Ice Spine Mountains, the picturesque retreats of Montaugnan and Montlogne.


An Absolute Monarchy, Ashalla is ruled by Queen Lucienne de la Fleur from the Palais du Soleil in Éternité. It is there that she holds court with the nobility of the land vying for her favour, each with their own requests and causes that they believe deserve to come to her attention. As such the Queen's court is known as a forum of great intrigue.


Never as cohesive a nation as neighbouring Vallanna; for a good portion of its time as a country, Ashalla could best be described as a loose, but multitudinous collection of tiny fiefdoms, baronies and dukedoms, all of which swore their fealty to the monarch of Éternité, but were largely self-governing, and self-policing. They would come together in brotherhood during times of great strife and danger, but were not above squabbling, or even going to war amongst themselves over their own petty grudges and whims.   In recent centuries however, these attitudes have begun to be left behind. Many citizens now see themselves as a citizen of Ashalla first, and a subject of their local lord second. A common enemy can unite a people, it is said, and the horrors of The Demon War, which ravaged both Ashalla and Vallanna for seven long years did much to dispel some of these older ideas. Uniting behind the crown, and fighting in defense of their homes against a foe which had no thought but to sow destruction, death and chaos, engendered a strong sense of national pride in many, which was not as pervasive prior to this conflict.


The Ashallan military, known collectively as the Chevaliers d'Ashalla, has its roots firmly in the more feudal system of government which once held greater sway in the country. Traditionally, Lords would maintain a token garrison of elite chevaliers to protect their lands, and would raise larger regiments of commoners from among their own personal subjects in times of need, dismissing them once there was no longer need for them. Elements of this practice are still in place, with commoners expected to take up arms in service of their liege-lords when the need is great. However, the makeup of the Ashallan military has shifted in recent decades, following the end of The Demon War, to a more modern system of offering military service as a career path for a commoner to take. Nobility invariably still forms the majority of the military's officer class, however, and individual regiments tend to fall under the command of, and protect the lands of the lord of the area from which they are raised.   Unlike their neighbour to the East, The Kingdom of Vallanna, a large number of settlements within Ashalla are still constructed around a fortification, such as a keep or bastion. Military units will occupy these structures, watching over and protecting the surrounding lands. In addition to these numerous settlement fortifications, throughout the land, in strategic locations, a number of dedicated military outposts are occupied at all times, in defense of the realm.   Boasting a long coastline, as well as a coastal capital city, Ashalla also maintains a significant naval force, to protect its shores from attack by sea, and to saveguard important shipping lanes from piracy.
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