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The Azure Chain

Formed by the then-Prince, now-King Aegic Enarren at the height of The Demon War, The Azure Chain was a group of some of the most skilled warriors and adventurers of the time. Brought together by the Prince to fulfill his wish to meaningfully fight in defense of The Kingdom of Vallanna during the war, rather than stay hidden away behind the walls of the royal palace.   The group would be instrumental in the events of the final year of The Demon War, and would eventually end the war itself by defeating and banishing the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath during The Battle of Auricheim.   While the group would largely disband following the conflict, they remained close associates, and many members now occupy positions of great authority and respect within Vallannan society.    


  Crown-Prince Aegic Enarren - The group's principle founder. The then-17-year-old Crown Prince had grown up hearing tales of heroism and adventure, and had been inspired by them. After having spent many long years of The Demon War sequestered within The Cerulean Palace, as far away from danger as possible, on the orders of his father, King Alric Enarren II, and wishing to play an active role in fighting for the future of his nation and in defense of its people, the young Prince planned his escape, sharing his plans with only a few close confidants, who would go on to form the core of the Azure Chain. Upon his escape from the palace, Aegic would leave a letter to his father, attempting to explain his intentions - Prince Aegic's Letter To King Alric II.   Following the war, Aegic would return to Valliné a hero, beloved by the people of the realm. He would go on to marry his close companion from the group, Eryn Trevethen, with whom he would have two children. Shortly after the birth of his second son, Aegic's father would die, and he would ascend to the throne, becoming King of Vallanna.     Lady Eryn Trevethen - Eldest daughter of the Baron of Midrest. Aged just fifteen, Eryn would meet Prince Aegic during a wartime visit to the capital. Trained in martial skills at the request of her father, Eryn was quick to impress the young Prince, after he came across her training at the palace guard's archery range. The two would become close friends, and shared an ambition to do more to help in the war, despite their young ages. Aegic would share with her his imminent plans to leave the safety of the palace and invited her to join him. Before she could do so however, Eryn was compelled to return to Midrest, alongside her father; his business in Valliné concluded. Two days into the return journey, Eryn would sneak away during a rest-stop. Stealing a sword, bow and horse from her father's guards, she escaped to rendezvous with Aegic as he made his own escape from the capital.   The two would become inseparable throughout the war; finally admitting their love for one another on the eve of The Battle of Auricheim. Following the war, the pair would marry, and produce two children, before ascending to the throne to rule The Kingdom of Vallanna in the wake of the death of Aegic's father.     First Sentinel Olarael Sin'ara - Initially sent to Valliné in her role as First Sentinel of Seorsa'Emel to coordinate defenses of both capitals, Olarael would find herself as something of a mentor to the young Crown Prince in the year leading up to the formation of the Azure Chain. Asked by his father to evaluate and sharpen the young man's martial abilities, she was impressed by the potential of the Prince, and set about honing his already impressive skills. The pair would become good friends, and Olarael would soon sense the prince's longing to be doing more to help in the war. When Aegic shared with her his ideas for an escape from the palace and the formation of an adventuring party, she deduced that he would not be dissuaded from this course, and agreed to join his cause, feeling that the Prince would stand a much better chance with the First Sentinel by his side.   During the final confrontation with Arch-Demon Val'Gorath during The Battle of Auricheim, Olarael would sacrifice herself to save the life of Aegic, allowing him to strike a final blow to the Arch-Demon.   Immediately following the group's return from the Auric Wastes, Aegic would travel to Seorsa'Emel to seek an audience with the High King of the Elves, whose forgiveness he begged for the death of Olarael, speaking long and reverently about her many deeds in service of the people and the forces of the light. He returned to the Elves Olarael's bow, which had miraculously remained undamaged during the final battle with Val'Gorath. It now is displayed in reverence with the palace of Seorsa'Emel. Upon his ascension to the throne, Aegic would commission a statue of Olarael, which stands in a prominent position in the grounds of the Cerulean Palace, overlooking the training yard where the pair spent so much time together.     Thyvas Blackshield - A Dwarven travelling merchant and aspiring warrior, Thyvas would be the first to join the group following its formation. Mere days after Aegic and Olrael left Valliné and met up with Eryn, the trio would stumble across the Dwarf making a valiant defense of his cart against a roving band of cultists, and would come to his aid. The attackers dealt with, Thyvas would pledge his axe to the newly formed group, and would prove a solid member of the team throughout the rest of the war. At The Battle of Auricheim, he would suffer a grievous wound a the hands of Arch-Demon Val'Gorath, but one which he would ultimately survive.   While never the most successful as a merchant before joining the group, after the war, Thyvas would put his new found confidence and connections to good use, rising within the ranks of The Overguild, eventually becoming High Master of Shalefast.
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