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Aegic Enarren

King Aegic Camalus Enarren

The current King of Vallanna, Aegic Enarren has ruled for the past fifty years, ever since the death of his father, King Alric Enarren.   He is considered widely to be a wise and just ruler; not known to jump to rash actions, and has kept The Kingdom of Vallanna on good terms with its neighbours - The Kingdom of Ashalla and The Empire of Ruvaad, throughout most of his reign.   Aegic rose to prominence during the Demon War when, at the age of only seventeen, he was instrumental in the defeat of the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath.   Against the wishes of his father, Aegic joined the conflict with aspirations of adventure and fighting for his kingdom. Gathering about him a group of like-minded companions, which became known as The Azure Chain, over the course of the final year of the war, Aegic and his fellows took the fight to the Demon worshipping cults which were ravaging the nation. They rallied the flagging forces of Vallanna's armies, turning the tide against the cults, and eventually learned of the location of the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath in the ruined dwarven city of Auricheim; deep in the Auric Wastes, at the foot of Broken Peak. Having gained the respect of the people, and the blessing of his father, Aegic and his companions led an army to Auricheim, putting an end to the war.   Three years later, with the nation finally healing from the conflict, Aegic married his longtime love, Eryn, who had been one of his companions in the fight against the Demons. The following year, they had a son, Walton, who was followed five years later by another, Corryn.   A year after the birth of his second son, Aegic's father Alric died, and Aegic ascended to the throne of Vallanna.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Along with his eventual wife, Eryn, and a small group of companions, Aegic defeated the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath, banishing him from the prime material plane, and putting and end to the Demon War at the Battle of Auricheim.

Failures & Embarrassments

During the decisive Battle of Auricheim, despite successfully banishing the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath and ending the war, Aegic's mentor, the legendary elf ranger Olarael Sin'ara fell to the demon in battle. His failure to save his mentor's life has haunted Aegic ever since.


Family Ties


Aegic Enarren


Towards Eryn Enarren


Eryn Enarren


Towards Aegic Enarren


Current Location
Year of Birth
1230 AoU 78 Years old
Eryn Enarren (Wife)
Steely blue.
White; once blonde.
Aligned Organization


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