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The nation's third largest city. Prior to the formation of the greater nation of The Kingdom of Vallanna , Serenal was the largest city of a region of loosely affiliated independent city-states and baronies, now only referred to in the name of the region of which it is the capital - The Southern Baronies.   Located on the eastern shore of Lake Arla, Serenal is the last major city of Vallanna to the north of the Ice-Spine Mountains. Close to the Elven capital of Seorsa'Emel, the city enjoys strong cultural and trading links with the woodland realm, and is one of the few places outside of the Elven cities that the more reclusive Wood Elves can be seen mixing with their non-Elf neighbours.   The city is ruled by the Duke of Serenal, Walton Enarren, and his family. His position is a hereditary title, bestowed upon the eldest child of the ruling monarch.


60% Human
15% Elf
10% Dwarf
15% Other


Ruled by Duke of Serenal. In practice, like its northern neighbour, Laranna, a council of elders and knowledgable individuals handle the day-to-day running of the city, while advising the Duke of any pressing matters.


Drawn to the warmer climate of The Southern Baronies region, and the peaceful waters of Lake Arla, Serenal has a booming tourism industry, at least among those who can afford to travel.    Many noble families maintain residences within the city, and may spend months at a time enjoying all that the city has to offer. Each of these residences will boast a full household staff when in use, providing a prodigious seasonal boost to the city's economy as a noble family on residence may employ many servants to cater to their every need.
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