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Duskwick Manor

Located upon a rise overlooking the town of Duskwick, Duskwick Manor is the home of the Baron of Duskwick, Hector von Glau and his family.   In contrast to the narrow streets of packed buildings in the town below, the manor is a very expansive property, containing a large multi-storey mansion house, separate guest house, servants quarters, private stables, ornamental gardens, and family graveyard.

Purpose / Function

Home and seat of power of the Baron of Duskwick and his family.


Originally a fairly modest country homestead, built by the leader of the earliest settlers of Duskwick in 866 AoU, the property was demolished and rebuilt into the much grander manor house that it is today, in 1087 AoU, reflecting the growth of the town and the increased power and wealth of the town's leaders.   Over the intervening years, an additional wing has been added to the main house, which today contains the manor's ballroom on the ground floor, bedrooms and library on the upper floors, as well as ample storage space and access to the roof of the building. A separate servants' quarters building has been constructed close to the main house, as well as an extensive stable complex.   The land surrounding the main house has gone through many phases, depending on the tastes of the owners, with some preferring to leave it as nature intended, and others insisting on careful landscaping. The current Baron has overseen the addition of a private ornamental garden to the rear of the main house.   The most recent alteration to the house is an internal one - the installation of secure vault into the Baron's private chambers; converted from an unused dressing room, which had its windows bricked over, and structure reinforced; its door replaced with a thick iron construction, the key to which is held only by the Baron himself.


The property is ringed by a six-foot-high stone wall, to which the current Baron, paranoid about intruders and other unwanted visitors, has added a further four feet of iron railings. Previous side-entrances have been bricked-up, forcing all who wish entry to pass through the heavily guarded main entrance gate.   The main entrance gate is manned at all times by members of the Baron's private militia, who also patrol the grounds and have a discreet lookout post atop the main house itself, affording unobstructed views of the entire property and its approaches.
Founding Date
866 (Original Construction 1087 AoU (Rebuilt in current form)
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank


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