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The Golden Steed

The Golden Steed is a centrally located coaching inn and tavern in the town of Duskwick, owned and operated by Brin Glaswe and his daughter, Seral. Due to its decently sized stables, the inn is both the destination and departure-point of the weekly Springport - Duskwick coach route.   As with most businesses in Duskwick, the inn has seen better days, but is surviving thanks to the business of semi-regular coach passengers and other unfortunate residents of Duskwick engaged in drowning their sorrows.


The Golden Steed is comprised of a main two-storey inn building, with an adjoining enclosed courtyard and stables. The lower floor of the inn building is comprised of the main taproom, a kitchen and the owners' private residence. The upper floor is comprised of six lodging rooms. The building also has a cellar, which houses the inn's casks and other supplies.
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