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The largest settlement in the Windward Peninsula, Duskwick is nestled among the foothills of the eastern side of the Silverpeak Mountains, along the banks of a fast-flowing glacial river which empties into the nearby Lake Mallo.
Built close to the eastern flank of Mount Highbright, Duskwick was named for the practice of its first settlers of lighting their nightly candles much earlier in the evening than in other settlements, as the passage of the sun behind the mountain would bring the town into shadow.     Currently ruled by the paranoid and greedy Baron Hector von Glau, Duskwick is very much a town in decline. Once well kept streets, local landmarks, and prosperous businesses have fallen into neglect, disrepair and ; the citizens subjected to oppressive taxes and levies that serve only to line the Baron's pockets, with little to no investment in the needs of the people.


Duskwick is ruled by Baron Hector von Glau, from his home at Duskwick Manor. The town does have a mayor, Jeremiah Timmins; however his title of mayor is mostly ceremonial, as his duties are mainly to enact the decrees of the Baron, rather than to govern the town himself.


Duskwick was originally founded in 864AoU, during the early years of the reign of King Ranneth Illyr.   Shortly after its initial settlement, construction would begin on Duskwick Manor, in its initial design a modest country homestead occupied by the leader of the then-village's settlers.

Points of interest

Duskwick Manor - Home and seat of power of the Baron of Duskwick. Located on a rise overlooking the town, the Manor is a large and opulent property, ringed by an imposing stone wall, designed to keep out unwanted visitors.   The Golden Steed  - A centrally located tavern and coaching inn. Often the destination, and departure point, of the Duskwick - Springport coach route. Owned and operated by Brin Glaswe  and his daughter Seral.   Madam Margaret's House Of Comfort - A house of ill-repute, discreetly located on the periphery of Duskwick's central district.
Founding Date
864 AoU
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