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The Dream Glade

Situated in central Valliné, adjacent to the Temple District, at the foot of Darin's Plateau, lies the Dream Glade.   Part park, part druidic sanctuary; The Dream Glade is an oasis of nature in the middle of one of the busiest cities on the continent of Aetrun. Open to all who would wish to experience the wonders of nature, it is often said that the Glade is the only true place of peace within the city. Indeed, visitors often find the noise of the hustle and bustle of the capital drop away as they enter the district; the soothing sounds of nature taking its place.

The Dream Glade is home to, and maintained by, a contingent of druids, from a variety of Circles. While most will not remain permanently in the Glade, it is a popular place of pilgrimage for those who follow the paths of nature, and extended stays are not uncommon. The most prominent permanent resident of the Dream Glade, however, is Wildspeaker Tasselia, a centuries-old Halfling Archdruid, who has tended the gardens of the Dream Glade for as long as many can remember.

Fauna & Flora

Despite Valliné's temperate coastal location, the Dream Glade plays host to a wide variety of species, both flora and fauna, not native to the area, and indeed not usually found at such latitudes.   Sustained by the natural druidic magics of the glade, species that would not usually thrive in such an environment are able to live quite comfortably, finding many distinct mini-biomes among the Glade's winding paths which are to their liking.   For those who are knowledgable about such things, as many of the druids who make their pilgrimage to the Dream Glade are, it would quickly become apparant that many of the species are indeed not even native to the continent of Aetrun itself. It is said that perhaps only Wildspeaker Tasselia herself knows exactly where all of the life in the Dream Glade originates, and inquisitive minds will find that the sometimes-mischievious Arch-Druid can be reluctant to share this knowledge.
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