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Violet Enarren

Queen Violet Marianna Enarren

First of the Enarren monarchs, Violet played an instrumental role in The Panacea War, leading the forces of the South to victory against King Edmund Tyrell, 'The Poisoner' in 940 AoU.   Despite her violent ascension to the throne, Violet's reign would be marked by a lasting period of reconstruction and reconcilliation between the factions of the Panacea War, strengthening the bonds which made them all citizens of Vallanna. Threats to her kingdom would instead come from without, rather than within Vallanna. Increasing tensions with neighbouring Ashalla would lead to several border wars, and raids from northern marauders, sailing across the Sea of Whispers from the continent of Arctirime would remain a threat throughout her reign.   Violet's reign as Queen would be long, and she would finally pass away at the age of seventy-two, in 983AoU; the crown passing to her grandson Camalus, whose father, her son Samuel, she had outlived by just two years.

Mental characteristics


Alongside her older sister Daphne Enarren and younger brother Weston Enarren, Violet was taught from a young age by the best private tutors, at their family residence in Laranna. While perhaps not as overtly scholarly as her brother, or as interested in the machinations of courtly intrigue as her sister, Violet was still an attentive learner.   At around the age of thirteen, after she showed an interest, Violet was brought along by her father to observe the family's household military units on manoevers. This would ignite a passion for military theory and tactics, and throughout her adolescence Violet would shadow both her father and his officers, learning as much as she could.   She would also train with the family's master-at-arms, displaying a natural aptitude with the sword - a skill which would serve her well in the coming days of war.


Family Ties


Violet Enarren


Towards Arren Foxwood

Arren Foxwood


Towards Violet Enarren

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Vallanna (940 - 983 AoU)
911 AoU 983 AoU 72 years old
Arren Foxwood (spouse)
Dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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