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Manfred Enarren

Duke Manfred Enarren

Duke of Laranna from 899AoU until his death in battle in 936AoU, Manfred was part of the influential Enarren family.   Father to Daphne Enarren, assassinated spouse of King Theodore Illyr, he led the forces who rose up in rebellion against 'The Poisoner' King Edmund Tyrell, who had been the mastermind behind the plot which had killed his daughter and seized the throne of The Kingdom of Vallanna.   Manfred would fall in battle in 936AoU during the Battle of The Gates - an ill-advised attempt by the southern forces to breach The Gates Of Tormon and secure a faster route north to Valliné through The Drakeseat Mountains. Had their plan succeeded it is likely that war would have been shortened by several years. As it was however, the defenses of the Gates of Tormon were too strong for the attacking force. Manfred's death struck a major blow to the rebelling southern lords, and forced them to rethink their strategies.   Following his death, his other daughter, Violet, would take over his role as head of the southern forces, ultimately winning The Panacea War and being crowned as the new Queen of Vallanna. His youngest, his son Weston would take up the mantle of Duke of Laranna.


Family Ties


Manfred Enarren


Towards Cara Enarren

Cara Enarren


Towards Manfred Enarren

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Laranna & The Middle Lands
879 AoU 936 AoU 57 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed in battle during The Panacea War
Cara Enarren (spouse)


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