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Weston Enarren

Duke Weston Enarren

Youngest child of Manfred & Cara Enarren, and brother to the murdered Queen Daphne Enarren and later Queen Violet Enarren, Manfred was to take up the title of Duke of Laranna upon the death of his father during the Battle of The Gates, in 936 AoU.    Weston would expertly rule his lands during his reign, tactfully guided by his mother during his first years of power. He was happy to remain in Laranna during this time; preferring to concentrate on domestic matters while his sister Violet led their family's forces into battle during The Panacea War.   Although he would be happily married to Irina, daughter of the Duke of Serenal for many years, the couple were never able to conceive a child, and upon his death in 977, following a short illness, his title would pass to his nephew, Samuel, son of Queen Violet Enarren.

Mental characteristics


Much like his two sisters, Weston was taught from a young age within the family residence by specially hired tutors. A bright child, he would find scholarly work most suited to his tastes, and would become extremely well-read by the time he assumed the title of Duke of Laranna, at the age of twenty-three.


Family Ties

Social Aptitude

A quiet, but confident man, Weston was known for putting people at ease and for his fierce loyalty to his family and close confidants.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Laranna & The Middle Lands (936 - 977 AoU)
913 AoU 977 AoU 64 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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