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Daphne Enarren

Queen Daphne Enarren

Eldest daughter of Duke Manfred Enarren of Laranna, Daphne would marry the young King Theodore Illyr a year after his coronation. The couple had grown close in the wake of Theodore's mother Queen Camilla's death, when the king had struggled with the grief of losing both his parents within the same year.   Daphne and the King would be assassinated only a year into their marriage as part of a plot by Edmund Tyrell to seize the throne of Vallanna for himself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Laranna in 904AoU, to Duke Manfred Enarren and Duchess Cara Enarren, heads of the influential Enarren family, Daphne was the elder of the couple's two daughters, alongside her sister Violet. She also had a younger brother, Weston.   Growing up in the company of the nobility of The Middle-Lands, upon reaching the age of twenty-four, Daphne took up a residence in Valliné and began to attend the court of Queen Camilla Illyr, representing the interests of their family at royal court. Daphne would prove adept at this task, furthering the cause of the peoples of Laranna and the Middle-Lands effectively on the national stage.   It was during this time when she would first meet and come to know the crown-prince, Theodore Illyr, but their relationship would not blossom further until after the death of Camilla and Theodore's coronation in 928AoU. The young king, having grown up in a rather sheltered environment was distraught at the death of his mother, with whom he was particularly close. Having lost her own mother the previous year, Daphne empathised with the monarch, offering him much counsel and words of comfort during his difficult time. It was not long before the relationship between the pair blossomed into love, and they would wed the following year.   Their happiness was to be short-lived, however, due to the underhand machinations of the King's closest friend and High Chamberlain, Edmund Tyrell. Tyrell coveted the throne for himself, having always played second-fiddle to the king throughout their childhood. Following the marriage of Daphne and Theodore and with signs that Daphne had become pregnant, Tyrell would engage the services of The Velvet Court to poison the monarch and his wife. This plot would ultimately succeed, and both Daphne and her husband would be killed, early in 930AoU.


Family Ties


Daphne Enarren


Towards Theodore Illyr


Theodore Illyr


Towards Daphne Enarren


904 AoU 930 AoU 26 years old
Circumstances of Death
Poisoned on the orders of Edmund Tyrell
Theodore Illyr (Husband)
Long; Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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