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Samuel Enarren

Crown Prince Samuel Edwin Enarren

The eldest child of Queen Violet Enarren and Prince-Consort Arren Foxwood, and father to the future king, Camalus Enarren.   Samuel was born after his mother's victory in The Panacea War and subsequent coronation as ruler of Vallanna, and as such was the first Enarren to be born of and during the Enarren Dynasty's hold on the throne. He was also the first of the family to be born in Valliné; many previous generations all hailing from the family's traditional seat of power in Laranna  Showing great promise that he had inherited his mother's mind for military genius, Samuel would dedicate his adult life to service in The Royal Navy of Vallanna, alongside his other royal duties.   Following his uncle Weston Enarren's death, without an heir, in 977 AoU, Samuel would take on the title of Duke of Laranna & The Middle Lands.   Commanding a fleet of ships in defense of the Amethyst Isles from a large force of raiders from northern Arctirime in 981 AoU, Samuel would have his promising career, and assured future as King of Vallanna cut short, when he was killed during a boarding action against his flagship by a group of raiders operating under the cover of heavy fog.   His body would be returned to the capital and afforded a full state funeral. He was interred in the Royal Cemetary, in the grounds of the Cerulean Palace.


Family Ties

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Crown Prince of Vallanna (943 - 981 AoU)
Duke of Laranna & The Middle Lands (977 - 981 AoU)
943 AoU 981 AoU 38 years old
Dark Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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