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Amethyst Cat

A rare, exotic breed of cat, found only in the northern Amethyst Isles; the Amethyst Cat is highly prized as a familiar by magical practitioners. The reason for this is that the cats themselves carry a faint magical field around them at all times. Their purple-tinted coats shimmer in the daylight, and emit a faint irridescent glow in moonlight. This innate magical affinity also allows the Amethyst Cat the ability to perceive magical fields which would remain invisible to most other species.   Many owners swear that their intelligence exceeds that of more common breeds of pet cat, almost approaching that of sentience. This of course is often dismissed by scholars as simply the pride of pet owners.   It is believed that the magical properties exhibited by the Amethyst Cat are a result of an infusion of magical energy by their ancestors during the catastrophe which split the Amethyst Isles from the mainland.

Basic Information


Anatomically, the Amethyst Cat is very similar morphologically speaking to a common household cat. They are four-legged, with a long tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

The species reproduces in much the same way as any other cat. The magical infusion into their genetic makeup however, has extended their lifespan above that of regular breeds, meaning that most Amethyst Cats will live to be a minimum of thirty years old.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Amethyst Cats occur naturally only in the Amethyst Isles, although specimens can be found across Vallanna; usually as the companions of magical practitioners.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Possessing all of the senses of a regular household cat, Amethyst Cats also possess an acute sense of magical fields that would be invisible to most other species.
Scientific Name
Felis Azureus Catus
Conservation Status
Amethyst Cats are very rare, with all known breeders remaining on the Amethyst Isles themselves. Aside from this however, there are no institutional protections in place for the species.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Amethyst Cats almost uniformally have a dark, purple tinged coat. Their coats possess the strange property of shimmering in the daylight, and glowing slightly under moonlight.

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