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A mix of all races. This is by far the most diverse cityscape in all of Zinneria. Afia, and it's home island of Afir, have a reputation for being refuge for those who are displaced or dissatisfied by their homes. They accept all peoples, and though every citizen may not share this belief, the popular opinion is that they are welcome.


Afia is led by a bureaucratic government. Headed by a sort of "president", it's primary function is to provide social services, sewers, clean aqueducts, a guard and militia, etc. and to employ whatever economic means are necessary for such pursuits. The government, referred to as the Eucra, owns several business of it's own and uses the profits to hire administrators for government affairs, as well as pay for said programs. Certain businesses in Afir have been deemed off limits so as to not put the government in a state of lacking funds. One such pursuit, the mining industry, is owned entirely by the government. They handle all trade to foreign nations, shipping, receiving and even processing for local sale.


The city is mounted on the side of a mountain, which provides a natural backing to their security. However the rest is left unguarded and they are under constant threat from the Empire nearby. As such they have implemented a standard tiered defence system. The city is organized into walls which are all concentric and radiate out from where they join the mountain. Each has their own gate, defences, guards and chain of command. If a threat is detected further down in the city or, gods forbid, further up in the city, the gates can be shut to prevent said threat from penetrating further. Each of these walls is mounted with a magical beacon that is only visible from the tops of the other walls, the invisible light filtered to visibility by a magical field around the parapets. This prevents enemies from learning that they are aware of a threat and has foiled many an invasion.

Industry & Trade

Afia trades with any country or city-state that a boat can reach. It has vessels that go as near as the West Marches and some that go so far as The Delta Marshlands and Teontia. This is one of the factors that has made it such a cultural melting pot. From it's inception it's been a major hub for the random and exotic. There are traders who even manage to do business in some of the Empire's coastal towns, often operating in uncontrolled waters to avoid detection by the Empire's navy.
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