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58 GR in Zinneria and 1059 FT in Valkana

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Everything is born on a story. Heroes, villains, wars, celebrations; All things are stories that one might tell. Your own memories are just stories that you tell yourself about the past. Eddur is a land built of stories. As tales are told and yarns are woven, the land is shaped and filled, populated by people, intrigue, history, life.   Eddur is named for the Edda, a race of pan-dimensional beings who are story embodied. Their very essence is that of stories, thousands upon thousands of tales from many different universes, times, and realities. It became known one day that the Edda could not live and contain all of these, they loved to gather new tales, but their capacity was reaching its limit. And so the Edda began to speak, write and sing, weaving these tales into new ones. They took their stories and gave them form, crafting ancient lands and vast oceans. They formed kingdoms and caves, gods and ants all from their tales. The telling took many years but when it was done, when they had exhausted their supply, the world of Eddur stood before them. Satisfied, they left, venturing across reality once more in search of new tales, new stories to feed upon. For those very few who may know of them, it is believed that they will return when they have reached capacity once more, and spin a new world into existence, or pour them out upon Eddur, creating new cataclysms and great joys.


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