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The Empire of Vin

Empire is composed of various other kingdoms that have been conquered (7) but instead of installing governors, the Emperor demonstrates his strength by having the kings who once held those countries rule their respective lands, but under his control.   he often has them fight each other politically or literally, often commanding two rival kingdoms to go to war against each other over parcels of land or a dispute. This has led to a prevalence of non-lethal combat so as to preserve the population. As a result, almost any military unit is only armed with staves, cudgels and nets, especially the guards around the cities. The armies have access to deadly force, but elect not to use it in most conflicts.   The Emperial guard, an elite force, are the only soldiers in the country who carry and use bladed weapons with any frequency. They are often considered cruel and are avoided by the commonfolk at all costs.


The Emperor rules above all, but in an empire, like most things, one cannot command alone. While the kings bicker and vie as his puppets, controlling but controlled, he also consolidates his power within the city. Seven noble families, each of incredible wealth and influence, operate and control the day-to-day business of the city itself. They are well known to be cruel, powerful, and ruthless.  


The Fangs of Progress - Le Zanne del Progresso Leader:


Good Life, Good Death - Buona Vita, Buona Morte


Fury, Justice, Excellence - Furia, Giustizia, Eccellenza


Actions Bring Results - Azioni Portano Risultati


Truth in Deeds and Words - Verità in Fatti e Parole


Health, Peace, Prosperity - Salute, Pace, Prosperità

La Vita

Justice in Steel - Giustizia in Acciaio


  • The Empire of Vin
  • The Capital of the Vinnish Empire (WIP)
  • The Continent of Zinneria - North West Quadrant
Geopolitical, Empire
Vint, Vinish
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities


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