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Teontia is a city of many. Many roads, many buildings, many types of people. These people all gather in Teontia for various reasons. Perhaps they wish to be part of one of the numerous guilds? Perhaps they wish to study at one of the schools? Perhaps they wish to join one of the Hunter's guilds, and make coin out of monster blood? Whatever their persuasion, Teontia is the spot for it.


The races here are thoroughly mixed, so much so that you might occasionally see one of the uncommon or vile races walking about.


Run by the The Triumvirate, a set of three elected officials that balance each other. They provide a policing force and maintain administrative and commercial control.

Industry & Trade

Much of what Teontia does is through trade. They act as one of the primary transportation hubs in this corner of Zinneria. With access to the entire Delta Marshlands, Gyndrin and the Canopic Verd, one can often find almost any resource in this city, if you know where to look. This brings travelers from all over the countryside to find work, exotic items, or just to learn.

Guilds and Factions

There are several factions that operate in various capacities in the city:  


Set right on the edge of the lake that births the Grand Delta, and located near the jungle and some lush farmland.


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