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Kattora is a bustling trade and harbour town located at the southernmost part of the country Yraldrig. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the comings and goings of ships, trading caravans and other folks trying to get passage on a ship or just arriving on one. A popular saying about Kattora is that you can barely walk a foot before someone new is trying to sell you something.


The Trader's Guild is the largest organisation in Kattora. It oversees all of the trading ships and caravans, makes sure that their papers are in order and that they pay the trade tax. This makes the head of the Trader's Guild the most prominent and important person in the town.   The second largest organisation is of course the lawmen. Guards in every settlement in Yraldrig are called the Sapphire Wardens and wear a sapphire blue circular badge on the chest of their armour or clothes.


A seven foot wall made out of timber surrounds the town but it is completely open towards the sea.

Industry & Trade

With trade being the largest source of income, most inhabitants either work for the Trader's Guild, at the docks or at places of lodging for people travelling through.   Traders come from the wood elf city Emyodell and the Eischland town Havmine by ship, and from Yraldrig's capital city Saphiren by land.   Imports from Emyodell include more exotic fruits such as mango, passion fruit and pineapples. This is also where a lot of the coffee and cocoa beans are imported from in Aporea and they are somewhat of a luxury and not found outside of major cities for the most part.   There aren't many things imported from Havmine as they mostly come to buy, but now and then they will bring artisan objects such as blown glassware both clear and in exquisite colours. More utilitarian things like metals and needle tree lumber are also imported from there when the need arises.   Saphiren exports strong and interesting spices that they have cultivated for many years and nothing quite like them can be found on the rest of the continent. They also deal with rare cat breeds that are very popular with well off people who don't want a common stable cat in their home. A large number of cats are sent to Kattora and then exported to Havmine.
Ca 5200


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