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The Thirteenth Bastion

Baram, the City paved with gold, was the second largest city in Celerind.
Baram was a city whose main activity was the cultural and commercial exchange due to its geographical positioning centered on the continent.   This city was known to be a mix of racial culture but also different technologies and architectures. Although it had a good reputation, it also had racial neighborhoods such as the Eastern district for the Werebeasts, the Roses of the Sands district of the Dwarves or the warm district of the Humans.   But each of the neighborhoods was separated because racism drove humans to fight. But the Dwarves and the Werebeasts were also very violent but the Elves knew how to calm everyone down.   Because of his influence, Baram was long spared by humans. But when the day came, a civil war provoked by the human inhabitants announced the fall of the city. Baram was transformed into a military fort to face the Humans. But the city survived only by the intervention of other forces. As the town was under attack by the Obsidian Legion, dwarf troops arrived in support of the West, the Werebeasts used their artillery to cut off the Legion's retreat, and the Half-Humans took the East flank. This union of force allowed the humans to be repelled and marked the beginning of the Alliance of Baram.
However, the town was reduced to nothing because of the fighting and was later taken by the The Riders of the Apocalypse.
She was considered a world wonder.


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