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The Riders of the Apocalypse

As a result of Archibald Lerwick's discovery, The Riders of the Apocalypse are an army brigade composed solely of humans entirely modified by weapons extensions. She wreaked havoc on her first mission to the battlefield and is still performing miracles for Homeca's Theocracy. Commissioned by Alektra von Maria, only a few members have a great reputation. But the others are mostly feared. On the surface, they would appear to be confused with knights of the Obsidian Legion, because with their extensions, one would think they were armored soldiers.   The Riders of the Apocalypse are composed of elite soldiers of high ranks which can even have a team for themselves. In that ranks, we have got:  
  • Captain Demolition;
  • His sister: Kara the Dangerous
  • Linlo the Fairy of Death;
  • Full Auto Cath;
  • Commandant Gottoms, Sword master;
  • Urbellum, Sabre X;
  • Maestroke the Genius of the Symphony;
  • Number 13, Incarnation of Crime;
  • Number 31, Incarnation of the Punishment.
  • But for 6 years, there are also humans who are not modified like The Hunters of Dragons or The Spear of Justice .


    Independent army unit, under the direct authority of the Circle and King Charioce I. Alektra von Maria is in charge of the unit which has about ten members...
    Military, Army Brigade