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Illume Terminal Space Station

It was the first port for all ships that entered Frontier Space Alpha, a region of space in the Spiral Arm of the Milky Way that was the last of the space to be settled.


It has a Station Master, a Commander that is in charge of the Military presence that keeps a station or base on the Station. There are three Managers, who have the responsibility of three areas of governing: One is the growing of food supplies so the station is self-sufficient, two is the one responsible for the law and order of the station, the third is the one responsible for the tracking of ships, the coming and goes of those who come through the station and who live on her.


The station is not civilian in nature, it can and has the capabilities of defence against any threats (Space Pirates mostly), they have a full military post that is manned by the Wayfarers (though the citizens think it is the Terran Fleet). The defences of the station includes kinetic weapons, laser cannons, and also a squadron of fighters that few realise are there patrolling the whole of the region. They also have shield strong enough to stand against micro-meteors though light damage is still possible it stopped it reaching any of the stations critical areas. It also has one of the best designs in scanners that cover the whole of the system, and are able to track any and all vehicles that enter the system, and all space weather (comets, meteor showers, space winds) that are part of space and the region.

Industry & Trade

The industry that is supported and used by the station are small space shipyard for the building of small ships such as solar system shuttles, and they are sold due to them being of good quality, desired by the passengers on the Space-Liners who pass through on it tours of space. They also have entertainment districts that caters to most taste legal (a few illegal but they are heavily monitor and watched, hoping for them to be shut down, at least by the good citizens), there is also a merchants who trade the goods from the planet and ships out to other cities, stations of both Terran Imperial Space. Then there is the Mining Company, only one bought the rights to the system (only this system), it mines mostly Jolt (Glass, Mustard - highly prized, Royal, Emerald and Plum) and it also has Mining Guild to make sure that the Mining company does not abuse the miners both those under contract to them and independent. There are also hotels, many of them some near residential areas while others near the gardens, or market areas that gave a spice to the various visitors who came to the station.


The station it self is a marvel, in that it is long upright tube, and has three rings that are set at equal parts up and down the tube with one of them in the middle of the station. The construction of the tube is over 50m but not more than 70m, as the exact is unclear due to the fact that the tube has nodules that are large bulges that seem oddly placed but each one holds a specific need of the station. There are twenty eight of them, and though some double up, in being housing, being exit doors for small craft such as shuttles who go down to the planet. They are also gardens, business districts that are separate into all one type in one central location. The whole of the station, the tube part, is also varied in that there is no central lift, but rather there is a cars, that travel the levels, and able to go up to next floor of which there are over hundred, they are the housing, they are the businesses of merchants, of miners, of food, of entertainment, of health spa and the like. It is planet or world of its own. The residence either have business of their own or work in the many opportunities present in the Station. It has its own ship yard, that is part of upper ring, where also the large ships such a Space-liners dock and their passengers are able to visit the gardens or the zoological arenas, that are both rare species or food source depending on who you ask.


The station has warehouse to store goods for the merchants, the product of the mining until it either sold or shipped out to full contracted orders. There are also living quarters that cater for couples, singles, family units both small (one generatation) or larger ones (more than one generation). There are also garden both for pleasure and for growing of food and air fresh for the whole station. Due to its shape and size, (one of the largest space stations built), it also has an Repository that contains copies of works of art, books that can be 'borrowed' for a fee that goes to the upkeep of the Repository. Then there are the small stores, shops, markets, boutiques are all there in a logical order to the creator, but to those who visit and have to find their way, they have rely on the guides, the train-carriages to get them to where they want to go. They have minor business who are crafters of woods, pottery and other such arts as they are able to buy supplies from the planet below, and have them shipped up to the station. The station offers them more opportunity to see their products but also to have their 'name' travel to other cities of both Imperial and Terran Space, thereby creating a growth in their business.

Guilds and Factions

Mining Guild

They are a independent organisation that protects the workers and make sure that the company follows safe practices, they often have a office at any region that has a mine. They are manned by old miners, there is no Nationality or Ethnicity beyond being in the mining industry both Jolt and Ore mining.

Banking Authority

They have an office as the region has established its own bank, so they are their watchdogs to make sure they don't defraud their clients and to make sure they follow proper procedure in regards to money transfers, transactions between Nations, large conglomerates and small ones, they also make sure that currency the Bank use is standard established with them, and again not defrauding it customers.

Assassins Guild Chapter House

This is thought to be just a business that deals or a merchant of some kind. It is a Chapter House, one that has agreed to the only train, allow their people to recuperate from any wounds, and a drop-box for those who want their services. (The Confederacy believes they are the 'weapon' rather than one who is contracting them to do wrong, so they are the ones they go after rather than the Guild, as long as they abide by the rules of the agreement)


The station took over thirty years to complete though it was done in sections, that were able to operate during this period which helped to pay and cover the cost of the construction. Once it was full operational, it continued to be well maintained and a few changes or reorganising as things found to not work or need to be reworked.


The station was built in style that is not standard. It was designed by AlpineShine Construction company. It was independent and didn't wish to build something that had been done before. They instead of just a tube or wheel as had become the standard form for a Space Station. This saw a three rings around a tube that had bulges and did not have a single left in the centre, it had built in hanger for large and small ships. The interior of the station was something that came out of books or fantasy movies, as few who came thought they were on a station hanging in space. The walls weren't uniform, though they kept the standard of three metres from floor to ceiling, the residence areas of which were spread over the tube and the three rings, were not square effiecent boxes but had a look of old Earth various architect, so stone gothic fronts, even wooden looking doors were used. In another area it was a nod to the Elizabethan era, with again stone used, even wrought iron used on the doors, turrets were also part of some of luxury homes that could be 'purchased' or rented depending of you intentions. There were even difference in various market and merchant areas, the market had designs to look like open streets with stalls, while others were a cobble paved street with boutique and like small shops and cafes, in other sections there was a large play area for children and adults such as rides, water games and other entertainments built in to the floors and sections. All this made it a place of wonder and achieve the desire of the designing team, to be different and a remembers to their own roots and past in the various theme they incorporated into the interior of the station.


The station sits 3,000km from the Wormhole Entry, and is about 9,000km or more from the Wormhole Entry that links it to another district (Solar system) that is part of a larger chain of systems (districts). The Florix System, has two planet that have been terraformed, though only one has been established by Colony Charter, there is a gas giant named Gradoproa, a puffy giant near the star Tebars, and a rocky planet Moskalla. The two terraformed planets are Swifthollow (settled planet) and Titan.

Natural Resources

It has a refining plant and small ship building business, which are run by independent Companies.
Alternative Name(s)
Terminal Illume, Frontier A Space Station
Orbital, Station
Inhabitant Demonym
Terran, Confederate, Imperial
Location under

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