I anticipated a lot of heat when I visited, but instead, the air was cool and didn't even smell of coal. I was greeted by great lanterns and filigree figures. Both gave light to the city and a certain flair. It was wonderous and fascinating to see how well fire and water could work together to build the best things out of metal orcerta ever saw.
  Impha is one of the five big human cities and is located in the south of orcerta.   It was build on the principles of water and fire, this means that the best smiths, as well as the best marine biologists, come from there. it is a city of strong opposites which work together well. While the fire users work at the smiths themselves, the water users cool the whole area down.   While the city is mostly inhabited by Anima and Humans, you can see Reptilia from time to time. Instead of sluggish and slow to understand something, the reptilia of Impha are on alert and pretty quick on their feet. Here they like to talk and work with the other races.   Other Vitra tend to stay away from Impha tho because of their inherent hate of Anima which build a huge part of the population.   Despite its beauty, most people visit Impha to buy new weapons or other things made of metal.   because it is the city that has the biggest haven, it is regarded as the biggest trader hub of all cities, despite the fact that most wares just go through Impha and not into it.


Mostly Humans and Anima live in impha, tho sometimes some reptilia join.


While being guarded by high walls land inwards, land outwards they are equipped with cannons bigger than anyone could imagine.


Impha mostly concerns itself with smithing and sewage. Its greatest export are all wares of metal, be it weapons or parts for Signica
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