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Capital of Ethion

Mevi is a port city in Ethion, as well as the country's capital and largest city.


Mevi is home to a vast variety of people. Aside from the average Ethite citizen, you are likely to run into members of the nomadic tribes of the southern continent, passing through to sell goods from other countries in the as well as their famous carvings, many of which are said to bring good luck. Others have settled into the city, building larger statues in the same traditional style, one of which can be seen outside the capital building.   There is also a large population of the Pelan people, who took refuge in Ethion after fleeing persecution in Estum. As a result, there are 5 Epaluno temples, honoring their gods, scattered throughout the city. As tradition dictates, they are small and built to blend in, but you can recognize them by the symbol of the purple flame above the door. They are open most days for people to worship together through song. If you stop by around noon, you are sure to be offered a free meal of grilled vegetables and roasted chickpeas. Wash it down with coconut milk, brought by traders from the nearby Bathblast Islands.   The island traders are likely to be conversing with visitors from Brightland who bring brilliantly colored dyes, and fine fabric. But these fabrics are nothing if you can find the rare seller peddling the intricately embroidered garments made by the people of the Huxoth Desert.   Mevi is also a place where races meet. Do not be surprised to notice that a person's bare feet are webbed and scaled, for many of the Mermish population vacation and trade here. The city is even home to dragons , strolling on all fours through the marketplaces and occasionally offering weary travelers and young children rides to their destinations.

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