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The Most Serene Republic of Abestrand

The blessed coast of honey and milk.

The blessed coast of honey and milk, Abestrand is a illustrious coastal nation that drug itself out tyranny. Despite countless wars from their western neighbour, and constant sieges from the sea, Abestrand has founded a wealthy, trade-faring society. One of the only Republics of any stripe left in all of Rakuen, this nation thrives on its tourism, technology, and verdant trading ecosystem. It's myriad merchants and guilds make this space a destination for even the most cynical of royals throughout the planet. It is said those who make it to Abestrand rarely leave, because who would leave paradise?


90% Human 6% Elven 4% Other


Abestrand operates via a trade league, in a plutocratic oligarchy style of government. Various free merchants, corporations, guilds, and aristocrats make up a variety of government officials, holding office and making group decisions. Occasionally, the citizenry is given purview over decisions within the Trade League, and is allowed to vote via direct democracy on issues that care about.


Various Free Companies located in every city, which are paid per service and rewarded with land rights upon major campaign victories.


The city has fantastic aqueducts, tall buildings, massive libraries, and tremendous warehouse sectors using extremely efficient methods of arcane tools to store remarkable amounts of supplies and trade goods.


Banque di Serenita, the biggest bank in Western Kolhm, which loans out to dozens of nations.


The city lines a small mountain range to the west, dropping down into the seaside beaches that create its coastline.
National Territory
Approximately 20,000 people, although because of the huge amount of itinerant visitors which can stay in the city-state upwards of a year at any given time, a closer estimate of the population is 45,000.


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