L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O's Yacht

A constantly shifting throng of partiers and merchants traveling from world to world

Written by Ademal

Partying on L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O's yacht is like... like if someone decided to take every fuckin' party that's ever been had in the universe and shoved it into one shiny hunk of metal. I mean fucking literally no shit that's what it is.
  L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O's Yacht is a Hedonite space station which caters to all budgets of partying as it travels from world to world, parking in orbit for weeks at a time and offering all-amenity-covered packages and access to people from the world below. Before it leaves one world for the next it will have entertained over 10'000 visitors.   On top of being a major tourist and party destination, the yacht is a massive trade hub. Merchants from all over come to either live aboard or to rent space for part of its tour until their inventories (or pockets, should the yacht's attractions prove too tempting) are empty and it's time to secure a ride back home.


The yacht is owned and overseen by the titular L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O and his well-armed Party Guard. They abide-by and enforce the Hedon Law of Consent, and L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O himself is fully trained in Lingua Consenta, the Hedon legal language. The ship has a small court and holding cells should they be necessary.   There is no elected choices. What L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O says, goes.


Several floors of the yacht are dedicated to a trade bazaars and living amenities for merchants. These bazaars are placed between (and sometimes extend into) the Party Halls. Merchants rent space by square footage and try to peddle their wares to partiers as they pass through.   The more permanent stands tend to be culinary in nature and prey on the indulgent nature of the guests to offer them a staggering variety of food, drink, and drug from all over Ethnis. If a merchant is selling within a Party Hall then they must limit their wares to wares fitting the theme of that hall.  

The bazaar between the Crave and Baiae Party Halls was a labyrinthine clusterfuck which assaulted my already Adrenelol- and Kail-addled brain. Amorphous shapes thronged, blurry amid the dreamlike, gossamer clouds.   The way the various lights and holograms caught the clouds and lent them a prismatic webbing cued me in that there were laced with Glamour, which explained why everything smelled SO good and looked SO incredible. Or perhaps that was the Gleam chaser I'd taken with that last shot...
— A very high partier

Orbital, Station
The population is constantly fluctuating.
Characters in Location

Party Halls

The Party Halls each have a different theme and are governed by their own local laws of consent. In order to enter a party you must first pass through a preparation room, where you are outfitted in regalia and accoutrements befitting the theme of that hall.   Halls are broken up into multiple floors, each with their own budget tier, levels of engagement, and activities.  
The Devil's Prospect
Throw back a few flagons at this faithful London recreation!

Beer! Ale! Wenches! This lovingly rendered public house features the finest of peasantries. Attractions include classic music, rare drinks, pub fare food, and on ongoing game of Thieves' Hunt—each person gets a token marking the 'gang' they are in. Get a free drink each time you turn in a token of a rival gang.

Inspired by The Prospect of Whitby
Baiae Resort
Relive the glory days of Baiae in an utterly hedonistic toga party!

Dance at the nymphaeum, frolic nude at the baths, and fornicate with your fellow party-goers. Baiae may not be the most expensive venue on the yacht but it certainly vies to be one of the most wild. Clothing is optional and discouraged here. Visit the all the Temples of Mercury, Venus, and Diana and collect all three tokens from the challenges for a special prize!

Inspired by Baiae
Le Chabanais
The best features of France: it's backside and underbelly!

Join in on the debauchery as either a patron or a prostitute and compete with the other guests every day to reach the top of the scoreboard for most partners had. The winner gets a Massage de l'âme and a private session with the exotic Manne-Kyn madame and her harem.

Inspired by Le Chabanais
Get lost in schlager music and endless beer and food!

Fanfair at the funfair, the most wild volksfest you'll ever see. Numerous attractions and ride dot this landscape of tents, and beer brewers from all over Ethnis have gathered to shower you in their finest selections.

Inspired by Oktoberfest
Bull's Head Saloon
Bring your six-shooter, daily shootouts!

For the adrenaline junkie. Come for the drinks and stay for the shootouts. Everyone who enters gets a choice between outlaw and deputy, and every few hours the Saloon breaks out in a gunfight. Don't worry, they're just stun rounds. The survivors of the winning team get a free half-hour of all-expense-covered fun at the bars and with the soiled doves.

Inspired by Bull's Head saloon.
The Nepenthe Speakeasy
Jazz and groove in this underground escape.

One of the more laid-back options, for those who prefer an intimate atmosphere, soothing music, and rich ambiance. Indulge in games of cards, chance, and skill as you sip rich liquors from all corners of Ethnis and are personally catered to by our staff of attendants. A nice place to rest between the other parties.

Inspired by the Nepenthe Speakeasy
The Grand Crave
Your heart will give out before the beat does.

A full team of paramedics stands at the wait so that you may lose yourself to the party. Every drug you can mumble, slur, and scream the name of is available here, as well as a few new ones mixed up on the fly by our resident chemists. This the most insane venue on the Yacht, and by entering you waive all liability to the yacht staff of your guaranteed survival.

Come, join the most lethal Craver party outside of The Rose of Hedon!

Inspired by the Grand Crave of Nege (circa 4500)
Gristers' Drop
One of our more exclusive venues. Gristers only.

Relive the early days of the Grister culture before it was quashed and outlawed. Settle in for a full tour of your emotions and mind as our Grist experts tailor Grist tracks to your psyche and guide you through all of who you are and who you could be. This one is more about the personal experience rather than the social. You will not leave the same person.

Inspired by Gristers' Drop of Seattle (circa 4400)
Cloud 9 Disco
Party with L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O himself in this exclusive club.

A party this fun is illegal anywhere else. Invite only. You'll just have to find out what goes on here yourself.

Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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Gosh darn it, you provide such fluent and amazing sentence structure. Those quotes are as magical as a kilo of mushrooms.

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I continue to love your CSS and formatting style. Seriously, those spoilers? Sex. Content-wise: What's the wildest party that's been thrown on board, and how much trouble did it get them all in? This ship sounds like an absolute nightmare for any introverts, but like a FUCKING BLAST for anyone else!

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If you're an introvert then Grister's Drop or the Speakeasy might be your pace! The Speakeasy has a more laid back atmosphere to it. The Grister's Drop, well... I'll be working on it next but Grist is an auditory stimulant which forces you into emotional and mental states—it can be relaxing or intense, but is extremely introspective either way.   The wildest party would be the one had when the yacht visited Perduro. The owner of the world, Digger, is a notorious partier despite not being a Hedonite himself. It didn't help that Sarko's Party Pals were there.   They didn't so much get in trouble, but they did have to dock the ship for several weeks of repairs after Sarko, Digger, and L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O got so faded they decided to take the yacht from orbit and ride it down the slope of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi.   After which, of course, they called Barnaby and let him know that several thousand people had just ridden his mom.

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Exactly! It's hard to get by here with too low of a budget, but there are payment plans and... alternative methods of payment.

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I bet hehe. So perhaps maybe a package deal...like Hedonism. Included Spacefare, budget rooms, planned 'excursions'. Ooo the possibilities!

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It's like if Hunter S. Thompson and Marquis De Sade teamed up with your wildest fever dreams to make a Disneyland of Debauchery.

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Thank you!

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Thanks! Yeah it was getting pretty crazy without it so I thought that'd be a nice way to pare it down.  


The original inspiration of the whole thing began with L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O himself. There's a song by Justice on their † album called DVNO which gave me an idea for this literal Party God, someone for whom partying and dancing were more important than liquor, drugs, or sex (though he's not beyond those, for sure).   I made his name from the full reference of the song, which itself is mocking big exclusive nightclubs, one in particular called El Divino. I stepped that original, called him EL DiViNO, and made his name extra by throwing in stars to show how full of himself he is.   After that it was a matter of designing a place which could even handle his sheer absurdity—his yacht  

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