This shit really yees my fuckin' haw! Combat combat and more god damn combat! Look at these fuckers going at it for ever!   They've been shooting at each other for thirty minutes and haven't hit shit! Somnolent's finest?! This'd be a damn play day for me! I just pray that one of 'em takes a shot at me, I wanna have a god damn go!
— Sarko covering a skirmish between Somnolent and Hedon.
Sarko is a sensationalist, a journalist, and a war-fighter. His endeavors bring him to every corner of the galaxy, and no battlefield or situation is to hairy or gruesome for him to cover.
By the Wheel, it's Sarko! DON'T SHOOT! HOLD YOUR FIRE! You fuck with him and we're all god damn dead. Shoot around him god damn it!
— Somnolent Commander.

The Party Pals

Sarko is the host of a sensationalist journalism stream know as Sarko's Party Pals. The insane show involves Sarko traveling through the universe to cover new and upcoming battles.   Most times he drops into these battles in his characteristic Meissner Truck, much to the dismay of the combating forces. He will drive directly through a battlefield, streaming and taunting both sides but never attacking until one attacks him.
His conception comes from one of Barron's favorite YouTubers, Mr. Sark and his old show on Machinima Respawn. Respawn Inbox.

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Biological Sex
Reformed Metatronic Church

Known Relationships

Artosen Khandea II
A frequent guest on Sarko's show. Sarko and Digger aggressively flirt with eachother, and many rumor that their relationship goes far past the camera.
Oh man... Digger and I go back for ages. Now there's a man who can really dish out a pounding if you know what I mean. He's got this fuckhuge rifle that he uses—oh my god no you dirty bastards. Rohssa is the only who pounds me like that. Trust me, I've asked Digger—many times.
The Wife of Sarko, is as insane if not more so than he. She has never been on the show, but Sarko states that they can't handle her.
Orange, Intense
Short-cut and fiery red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, but prone to turning red


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