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Meissner Trucks

Written by Barron

Meissner Trucks are a series of transport vehicles that use Meissner enginers to propel themselves across great distances. They can be manually or automatically operated. They have been in production for a several centuries and the technology that operates them has not required much change over the years of development. In the current day, they are a common vehicle used to keep supplies moving throughout cities.   It is not uncommon to see great lines of trucks weaving their way through buildings in several tiers.  


Meissner Trucks were first created by the Sazashi as a way to standardize transport across their major cities. They filled the gaps where the massive train networks could not reach. The ability to automate these trucks came shortly after.   The usage of the Meissner Trucks soon spread to Earth, where many human car companies revamped the trucks to become more stylish and appealing.   In the current time, Meissner Trucks have not required much in the way of improvement, more sophisticated automated software and larger storage capacity are the two major points of improvement over time.  



Most popular in cities, Meissner Trucks can be set on automated lines between destinations. They are often assigned different elevations depending on importance and can safely navigate their way through dynamic obstructions that may be in the air. While there has been events of automated vehicles being hacked and stolen, the encryption on Meissner Truck software is difficult to crack.


More popular among the common user or in less populated areas, all Meissner Trucks are able to be manually piloted. Governments do have access to most vehicles, allowing them to force restrictions on Trucks in the area. This can only be overridden in an emergency mode, which in turn alerts the government to an incident.
Yeah, with all the protections on our shipping lines. I find it hilarious that some kid tried to hack one right to his home. Had him in cuffs in three minutes.
— Truck Automation Specialist
Ya'll think truckin' is nobodies work? Mmhm nope. Truckin' is still a solid job. Yeah sure it can be automated in the city, but how are ya gonna get shit from town to town?   That's where we truckin' boys come in. Nothin' beats the open skies and a truck full o' cargo. Nawp.
— Meissner Truck Pilot
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