Rohssa is my wife. And she is wonderful. And she is sweet. And she is strong. And if I say otherwise, she'll reach up my ass and pull out my tongue.
Rohssa originally served as one of the elite warriors of Akshaya Mahima, but now has more fun as a Prospector, Archivist, and occasional guest star on her husband's streamshow, Sarko's Party Pals.  

Elite Guard

After completing three of the pilgrimages of the Undaunted and earning her rites of Fury, Fear, and Lust, Rohssa was accepted into Akshaya's Elite Guard. It was here that she mastered her favored weapons: powerfists, and helped to drive back several attempts at Haimarchy invasion alongside her living Goddess.  
Oh yeah she's right goddamn scary. Do you know how hard it is to tell if your wife is mad at you when she can just... turn off the ability to show it? Every time we talk it's like stepping into a mine field. I mean, she rarely hides it, usually she just headbutts me until I get a concussion, but there's still the fear.   I love it.
— Sarko
Because of her pilgrimages, Rohssa has perfect ability to repress or summon her emotions of Rage, Fear, or Lust at will. She cannot be balked or seduced, and can fly into a burning rage at an instant.
The battlefield pealed with echoing bomb of Rohssa's laughter. Through the vox of her helmet it was louder even than the ratatatat of gunfire pouring from Sarko's rifle. Her powerfists screamed in undertone to the laughter as they inhaled a wind to cool the burning wires for her next punch.   PHTOOM   Her strike landed, denting in the door of the atv as it careened past her. It rolled onto its side, shooting along on two wheels for some hundred feet before sliding onto its back and crashing into a a boulder.

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