They told me that time would slow down when I took my first hit of Glamour.   They were right. For the first few moments of the rush I could feel the air pressure of the room kissing my ear drums, I could feel my pulse in my toes, I could taste my teeth. Everything was hi-def. Cobwebs of rainbows tied the whole world together, and I felt an exhilirating calm and certainty settle over me.
Glamour is an experience-enhancing drug which heightens the intensity of the consumers senses, often making them more aware of the less traditional senses such as time, proprioception, equilibrioception, and magnetoception. It does not enhance the capabilities of these senses, but makes the consumer more aware of them.   The experience is often intensive and disorientating for first-time users, but once it has settled the consumer is left in a peaceful sense of awe and confidence with themselves as they feel and appreciate their various senses at work.

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Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Glamour makes you...
  • ...feel very confident
  • ...feel unnaturally calm
  • ...more sensitive to stimuli
  • ...perceive everything with extra colors
  • ...recognize senses you usually dismiss


Author's Notes

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