El Divino

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He stood taller than any man had right to. His talon-tipped fingers glittered with an array of audio-synthesizing rings that it was a wonder he could curl his knobby fists at all. Whenever he moved them the rings made a sound, and when the urge overtook him he'd stop and strum a mean air-guitar with them.   His skin was red, his double-barrel chest studded with a hackle of boarish chest hair that started at his chin with his beard and rain right down his neck, over his chest, and onwards into his pants; you'd have to stare if not for the sequin jacket he wore - glittering and flashing even without light cast on it and sending lances right into your eyes as it conjured up flickers of holograms to match his errant thoughts.   Multiple eyes, some red, some gold, some black, all serpentine, slitted, and monochrome peered out without an ounce of symmetry to how they decorated his face. His nose was flat, dotted with pierced nostril bores rather than nares at the end, and his smile was a slash that cut diagonally across his face with casual pizzazz to give him a constant smug grin. A single horn rose from one side - black and polished and gilded in the furrows.   Designer arms flexed with his every gesticulation, so thick that his wrist dwarfed his thigh and so powerful that the cords of muscle were audible in their movement and required a framework of so many bones it made your skin crawl to consider the biology underneath. A living wreath of gilded vine arched over his head like a halo, constantly blossoming and shedding roses that looked more like stained glass than plant matter as genestruct cherubim flitted around to tend to it whenever they weren't pouring his drink, lighting his cigar, or whatever else he may bid them to do.   His belt tied together his brilliant jacket and his black pants. It was the mother of all belt buckles: a gold brick carved into his name in all capital letters. L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O

Physical quirks

Frequently Air-Guitars, Prone to murderous rages

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Owner of the L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O Bar

Intellectual Characteristics

Poetic, Capricious

Employer of Hardstyle and Diva Headrush  
Divine Classification
Monolith of Partying
Current Location
L⋆D⋆V⋆N⋆O's Yacht
Currently Held Titles
Biological Sex
Body Sculpt, Ultra-Masculine
Various, Designer
Black and Boarish
Aligned Organization
The Apple of Hedonism

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