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Havak'ka (Rahk'kan Trade City)

Secondary only to the city of grace itself, Havak'ka is one of the biggest trade cities in all of Mastu. It is where people from all races and walks of life gather, exchanging goods and ideas, and bask in the sun. It resides on the fringes of Rahk'kan territory, bordering the Slizzarí lands, and is surrounded by a golden savanna. It is actually centered around a rare pool of water, as oh-so-many large gatherings are, and heavily trades in 'exotic' items native to the area. Special alchemy ingredients, odd furs; even pets are sold. It is truly a wondrous visit.  
While most imports consist of certain woods and leathers, the Rahk'ka are actually quite partial to stuffed toys. They usually purchase such items for their children, but most are also intrigued by the 'waste' of wool and other useful fibers.
Text 245, on Rahk'kan Habits  

Common Travelers

While most of the city's population consists of tourists and traders, the resident Rahk'ka have noticed distinct patterns among those who visit. First off, there is your usual 'aspiring' trader, who has little in the way of goods, but is quite charming. There are swindlers too, who do carry goods, but at exorbitant prices. Surprisingly, your average merchant is quite rare here, and you may have to look for a good while to find what you're looking for.   And, of course, the tourists. They somehow find ways to add their voices to the cacophony, calling to their friends and certain traders. They eventually return home, pockets empty, saddled in goods, but they cause quite the ruckus when they are in the city. Some are charitable, though, and almost make up for the screams of their kind. Almost.  

Imports and Exports

While you can find nearly everything here, to some extent, there are certainly some preferred trade goods. Among the most common imports are various logs, cattle meats and furs, wool, and certain types of fish. Some exports include specific alchemic ingredients, meat from certain deer species, and gold.

Current Mayor

Havit Keer  

Current (Resident) Population


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