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A city of prosperity and under the table deals. also called the city in the golden sea.


predominately human and dwarf although all races are welcome. service jobs are more common here than most cities with its major emphasis on trade merchants and ship builders being the most common of those. the city is very wealthy despite being relatively new due to the Cyan Traders deciding this would be their unofficial headquarters causing most powerful or wealthy traders moving here.


Very libertarian with no taxes and near nonexistent government interference. Run by a council of nine of the most wealthy merchant houses within the city is changed if one loses their wealth or a new family gains more wealth. Being a council member is more a sign of status giving a few privileges in return for taking care of the cities infrastructure.


walls protecting the Council manors,walls dividing the north and south, raised bridges.


a city of deals of both legal and illegal supplies to all locations. imported supplies are often exported again to other locations after changing hands a few times.


Shipyard, Sewers on the southern side of the city, roads, large fairground for the bazaar, bridges across the dividing river

Guilds and Factions

A large thieves guild presence, a small assassins guild presence, main port of use in aurora for the grey cowls, large presence of the two divine worshipers.


The first Neidr colony on Aurora.


Primarily wood, thatch and hides that structures use due to its location in plains wood being used not as often as thatch and hides due to the need of it in ship building.


It is located in a plain surrounded by a constantly flowing sea of golden grass causing it to be known as the city in the golden sea.

Natural Resources

Grain from the natural grass plains is very nutritious and useful and is grown naturally and collected in the fall.

28 000
Location under

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