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Diamondshore is a city within the Carawand Monarchy that is a hub of trade throughout the region and world. It's nicknamed the Gateway to Luxuries due to the amount of valuable goods that pass through this city to the rest of the world.


30.2 % Human: 119,324   18.3% Wolvan: 72,305   15.4% Otterian: 60,847   10.8% Orc: 42,672   10.1% Fexian: 39,906   5.9% Aravitourus: 23,312   4.2% Elf: 16,990   3.3% Dwarf: 13,039   1.8% Scion: 7,112


The city is fortified from raiders and small armies with stone walls, but any large or coordinated forces could easily take the city with little cost. There is no natural defenses to help the city either.

Industry & Trade

This is the main port city that the trade ships first come to sell their goods among the populace. Once their business is concluded, they move on to the next city to deliver more of their goods if they desired. The good delivered here are purchased by the merchant caravans to bring back inland. The ships then purchased the goods delivered by the caravans to bring to the south. This cycle continues as long as the routes are protected.   The city lacks really any primary or secondary economic activities. Goods come in either raw or value added to be sold on the world markets.


The amount of money that passes through the hands of the local officials prevents any sort of large improvements, but the city can just barely manage the traffic, population, and storage of goods. Crime is surprisingly low for a city of this size and traffic, but the merchant guilds run the city, so their "law" will be different their government law.


Far in the distance citizens would see the Gold Winter Mountains. The mountains slope down in a flat plains to the ocean. The shore has pieces of quartz that litter the shore giving it a sparkling view at dawn and dusk.
Nearly all the goods from Sor-Ta comes through Diamondshore first before reaching Aulus. It's the largest city in the general area that can support and protect the cargo through the area.
— Archivist Renna
Large town
Owning Organization

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