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Adventurer (Varia)



There are no official qualifications for an individual to become an adventurer. However, the dangerous nature of the profession means that having a solid foundation in combat skills or magical capability would greatly benefit a prospective adventurer. Possessing connections through previous affiliations and contacts or a notable reputation can also help an adventurer progress their career by having access to more assignments and opportunities.

Career Progression

Career adventurers thrive on their skills and the renown they garner from applying themselves. They may work individually, in small groups known as parties, or as members of larger guilds or organizations. Beginner adventurers may only address problems or missions that affect small locales or minor individuals. Usually, these assignments involve defeating bandits, monstrous creatures, and saving the denizens of settlement; however, successfully completing such missions builds up adventurers', or adventuring groups', reputations, which may then lead more notable parties to take notice and employ their services.

Adventuring careers live and die by this cycle of renown. Moreover, as adventurers grow in power, they can seek out more dangerous assignments to improve their skills. From dealing with goblins and bandits, adventurers may instead face off against giant monstrosities, dragons, and even hordes of undead or demons. Sometimes, adventurers may even become political agents, serving as spies and dignitaries for their patrons.
The most powerful and prominent adventurers may find employment from national governments and royalty, taking on quests that may influence the well-being of entire realms. Adventurers of the highest caliber may find themselves facing off ancient threats, emissaries of the divines, and protecting entire kingdoms or regions.

Payment & Reimbursement

Due to the dangerous nature of their work, the pay that adventurers receive for successful missions can exceed the typical pay for even skilled professions. For example, one mission that takes a matter of weeks can garner an adventurer enough gold to live a comfortable lifestyle for an entire year. Furthermore, adventurers may have additional income from finding treasures over their travels. As a result, adventuring is one of the few careers in the continent whose pay grade exponentially increases with increased stakes and the dangers they face.

Adventurers may receive payment or find rewards in numerous forms:

  • Currency, most commonly gold pieces in Varia.
  • Valuable items, including jams and jewelry, that may be exchanged for gold.
  • Magical items, which may come in the form of weaponry, armor, scrolls, potions, and other artifacts.
  • Property, typically bequeathed by land-owning nobles and governments.

Other Benefits

Varian history has been shaped by the exploits of adventurers, going as far back as the Guardians of Avalon. As a result, adventurers who prove themselves worthy may garner the trust of nobles, governments, and organizations. The most successful adventurers may garner ranks and titles within certain constituencies, especially for conducting a service to political bodies. Varian culture is saturated with stories of heroes and adventurers, from art to literature and music.



Adventurers act as the solution to the problems that Varia's populations cannot or do not wish to handle. Low-tier adventurers may act as "ratcatchers" to deal with a locality's unsavory problems whereas the most prominent adventurers receive realm-changing quests or even serve as emissaries for major powers. As a result of their problem-solving nature, their careers typically do not last for more than a decade, and may even be as short as a few months, as conflicts disappear due to their intervention.

Social Status

In Varia, perceptions of adventurers vary by each individual's merits. Beginning adventurers are not often distinguished from mercenaries or sellswords. However, as adventures garner more fame for great deeds, they may receive significant levels of respect from societies they have aided. At the highest extent, adventurers become famed and legendary figures whose importance matches even royalty and other heads of political bodies.


Adventurers account for maybe 1% to 3% of Varia's entire population, a number which varies based on the prevalence of conflict on the continent—as attributed to major wars, epidemics, or the presence of hostile, monstrous creatures. In any given generation of adventurers, only a few may ever become immortalized in major Varian history.

Alternative Names
Campaigners, Champions, Heroes, Mercenaries, Ratcatchers, Saviors, Sellswords
    High during tumultuous times
    Low during times of peace
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