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Firon Gael'toryn

General Firon Gael'toryn

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Firon sports a fit and lithe build. His usual movements imply a calculated grace and, when needed, he can act with exceeding agility.

Body Features

Firon has pale skin with a slight peach complexion. Though average in height, he has a lithe build with just the hints of more developed musculature. He wears his silver hair short with the sides shaved.

Facial Features

Firon has a more triangular shaped face and high cheekbones. He seems to have perpetually narrowed eyes with a set of darker grey eyebrows, but otherwise delicate features. Characteristic of his race, his ears sport the typical pointed trip.

Physical quirks

Firon is ambidextrous. Besides wearing a perpetually aloof expression, he has no visible ticks, and his resting posture gives him a sense of always being at attention. Firon seems to walk in shorter strides but otherwise possesses a nimble gait.

Special abilities

Firon has exhibited limited magical capabilities, such as shooting magical energy from his hands and changing his appearance. Ordinarily, he seems to be a capable close-quarters combatant.

Apparel & Accessories

Firon wears ornate, black leather armor designed to appear like a form-fitting long-sleeved vest that extends to equally black chaps and leather boots. The entire outfit is adorned with small bits of elegant gold plating, and while traveling, he wears a long sleeved white coat trimmed with black fur. His preferred color scheme includes the gold and white associated with the Order of Avalon but has added his own accentuation of black to the mix.   Firon usually dons a pair of white leather bracers fitted with sharp, golden metallic blades.

Specialized Equipment

Firon's regular outfit provides suitable protection as leather armor. His gauntlets also double as bladed weapons that serve as his weapons of choice, and which he wields to deadly, agile effect. He typically carries a black satchel at his side which doubles as an extradimensional pocket to store his belongings.   He also owns a black stallion warhorse named Delf.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Of elven descent, Firon Gael'toryn hailed from the Feylands but has, to common knowledge, spent the majority of his life in Varia. As a member of the Order of the Avalon, he had a reputation for a strategic mind and took a more supportive role regarding operations, leading him to climb the ranks despite little to no real renown. Over twenty years ago, he came to prominence during an outbreak of Corruption near the Southern Coast at the city of Pont du Vivre. He spearheaded a search and rescue of the city that purportedly saved hundreds of city dwellers' lives. His actions during the situation garnered him not inconsequential distinction and led to his promotion as a General of the Order of Avalon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Firon's actions at Pont du Vivre led to his promotion to General in the Order of Avalon.

Intellectual Characteristics

Firon has displayed an inclination for investigative skills. His reputation in the Order of Avalon pegs him as one of its more talented strategists and tacticians.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Firon is a seasoned tactician who has served the Order of Avalon to great effect. He has also exhibited significant aptitude in handling covert operations and intrigue. As a combatant, he possesses notable skill with his bladed gauntlets.

Likes & Dislikes

It has been mentioned that Firon is married.

Vices & Personality flaws

Firon does not easily trust others and often tries to be self-sufficient to a fault. His penchant for keeping secrets has put him into difficult situations.

Personality Quirks

Firon habitually pinches the bridge of his nose in thought when posed with difficulty or otherwise ridiculous situations.


Social Aptitude

Direct yet intuitive, Firon is well-versed in weaving a conversation to fulfill his ends. However, he possesses an air of haughtiness that often translates into tangible arrogance. While knowledgeable of higher class etiquette and mannerisms, Firon's employment of them applies as much as they serve his purposes.


Firon speaks in a steady and even tone, though lacks the any accent that would betray his origins. He arranges his speech both franky and carefully. His points of emphasis are usually preceded by contemplative pauses.   He has been known to address trainees or the unskilled as "novices."

Wealth & Financial state

Firon has displayed the means to a comfortable living as well as the assets to fund his various travels and more shadowy endeavors. His wealth presumably comes in part from his high standing with the Order of Avalon.

"I do what I must, in the way I choose, because I know what needs to be done, in that way that only I know how."
— —Firon Gael'toryn
Honorary & Occupational Titles
General of the Order of Avalon
Hero of Pont du Vivre
Biological Sex
Silvery blue, and narrow
Short, messy silver hair with the sides of his head shaved
144 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Order of Avalon
Known Languages
Firon has exhibited fluency in Varian Common, Elven, and Sylvan. He also possesses knowledge of Thieves' Cant.

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