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41. The Slums of Wiltide

General Summary

The Winona’s Whistle reached the coastal town of Arville for repairs while the adventurers spent the next two days uneventfully. During the last leg of the journey, the Whistle encountered a massive Wiltidish vessel under Rysmarckian control as it traversed the waters closer to Wiltide. Captain David Waveheart allowed his ship to be boarded and searched to avoid any mishaps; while Tycus remained hidden due to invisibility magic, the investigation crew sent by the Rysmarckians discovered his armor stowed in a case. The party managed to diffuse any tensions regarding the armor’s origins though the Rysmarckians confiscated the set before both ships parted ways. The remainder of the voyage passed uneventfully, and then the adventurers finally reached the city of Wiltide.

The adventurers opted to find a very low-end establishment to stay at first. Their inquiries brought them to slums within the city where Andraste proceeded to conduct charitable work. Meanwhile, Kent befriended a group of homeless children by giving them gold in exchange for information as he began to get a read on the city. However, the party ultimately relocated to the Wolf’s Chalice, another inn farther away, and then finally rested after their first day in Wiltide. The following morning, the adventurers split up to address their mission as well as errands. André went off on his own without much word to the party. Andraste formally opened a charity stall, akin to the ones he manned in Curieux, where he distributed magically conjured food and healing services. Jester and Tycus looked into local armor shops about offered types and prices. Kent and Varris continued the investigation to locate Ciaran Jaran, the target of their mission. The latter two’s efforts garnered them several leads from the children as well as insights to the rebellious conflict within Wiltide.

During the night, Kent and Varris investigated a warehouse. The two were unable to locate any bodies or direct evidence of the rebels, though they found containers filled with armaments. Meanwhile, Andraste, Jester, and Tycus waited in a distant street with the cover of darkness. However, Andraste and Jester’s attempts to remain hidden came to no avail as they were accosted by two guardsmen. Despite attempts to talk their way out of the situation through deceit, both the paladin and cleric ceded to being arrested and taken to the barracks where they were detained in the jails. They were separately questioned by local law enforcement who, for their first infractions, sentenced them to a night in the cells with the promise of release in the morning. After the arrest, Tycus reuinted Varris and Kent; the trio returned to the Wolf’s Chalice for discussions, finding that André had yet to return. Kent briefly came into contact with Andraste and Jester through the use of sendings to confirm their status before the rest of the group resolved to rest for the night.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Tycus
  • Captain David Waveheart
  • Vice Admiral Boghart Bohard of the Wiltidish Navy
  • Ray, a homeless child in Wiltide

*Note: Includes only characters personally interacted with

"The Mister and his friends seem really nice! They gave us so much food and money...We don't wanna let 'im down!"
— Ray
Age of Empyreals
Andraste Siannodel
Kent Oakes
André de la Conais
Jester Trow
Varris Enna
Report Date
15 Apr 2018
Primary Location

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Cover image: Erzweg Slums by svenart


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