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44. Attack on Supplies

The adventurers commandeer a supply caravan en route to Vorstone Prison...

General Summary

The adventurers set off from the south inner Wiltide shantytown towards Vorstone Prison. Stopping at the midpoint between Harveston and the prison, they prepared to commandeer a supply caravan headed for the facility. Some hours later, the party enacted their attack from where they laid in wait as the caravan passed. Kent destroyed most of the caravan while the rest of the group sought to subdue its guards, taking only two survivors as prisoners. However, the prison guards had blown their horns, signaling for reinforcements to arrive at their site, which gave the adventurers limited time to set up their ruse.

When the Rysmarckians arrived, André, Andraste, Jester, and Varris had disguised themselves as members of the supply caravan’s guard with Kent acting as the captured mage and culprit of the attack. The Rysmarckian officer leading the initial retinue questioned André, though did not seem utterly convinced regarding the scenario’s circumstances. He gave the order to send Kent to Vorstone Prison along with André, who remained in his prison guard disguise. The rest of the party were sent towards the nearest military outpost for aid and questioning. With everyone split once more, both groups decided to escape from their Rysmarckian escorts by the means available to them. They succeeded as a whole and opted to reunite in the inner Wiltide shantytown where they had rested the night prior. Once returned, they confronted the rebellion back at their headquarters, who then offered to gather information for them in the coming days.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Marcel Proutchard
  • Lira
  • Ciaran Jaran

"Hmmm...huh? Them? Oh...yes...They're here."
— Ciaran Jaran
Age of Empyreals
Andraste Siannodel
Kent Oakes
André de la Conais
Jester Trow
Varris Enna
Report Date
07 May 2018
Primary Location

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