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House Trow


House Trow possesses an estate to the east of Curieux proper and which border the royal lands of the Chateau de Curieux. They have constructed one mansion on the property but has otherwise left the rest of the space undeveloped.


House Trow's roots in Conais trace as far back as 2800 3E. At least two holders of the name have appeared as knights in the Order of the Blue Rose. Further records also indicated a history of noble status in the family which came to an abrupt discontinuation during a political coup in the 3100s. Stripped of their rank, the family nonetheless continued a trend of civil service in the kingdom, mainly in the military, through subsequent generations.   The return of the family to its noble status began in 3470 3E when King Edward II of Daramond bestowed lordship upon Beren Trow. At the time, Beren had built up a reputation for distinguished service as a soldier in the army and then as a member of the Order of the Blue Rose. As a part of the military order, he was assigned duty in the Royal Guard which saw his rescue of Princess Emma from foreign plotters. This act of heroics, stacked with his previous record, ultimately led to his promotion to Captain of the Royal Guard and his elevation to nobility. Subsequently, in the following months, the now titled Beren vied for Princess Emma of Daramond's hand in marriage and succeeded. With their union, the princess's dowry provided the additional material wealth that would merit the formal establishment of House Trow.   In the following decades, Lord Beren continued in his capacity as the head of the Royal Guard until Edward II's death. Following the event, he entered politics though, despite his relations with the crown and his achievements, has only attained relatively minor influence in Conaisan politics. Presently, Lord Beren sits as one of many on the city council of Curieux.

The Growing House

With Conais' long history of political upheaval, the elevation to nobility is not uncommon happening in the kingdom. However, the establishment of a longstanding house, much less a direct vassal to the royal family, occurs much more sparsely. With House Trow still in its first and second generations, the family lacks a certain weight to the status compared to other houses at or near their position relative to the throne. Currently, Lord Beren Trow and his wife, the former princess Lady Emma, they have raised four daughters with at least one more child to be expected. The lack of a male heir has historically had notable implications for noble families in Curieux. The inheritance of titles and property typically follow the rights of primogeniture within the kingdom, often making the presence of a son a mark of safe investment concerning social or political relations.
"I owe all that I have and more to the benevolence of our great king. Even with the status he has generously entrusted to me, I will remain his eternal servant. To protect King Edward and his kingdom, Conais, has been and will continue to be my life's purpose. I swear to do so, for as long as my body, mind, and spirit moves."
— —Beren Trow, 3470 3E
Political, Family
Parent Organization
House Daramond
Notable Members

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