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39. Death & Life

General Summary

The adventurers spent several days preparing for the upcoming ritual to resurrect their fallen comrade, Kent. On the day of the ritual, Varris, Jester, André, Andraste, and Master Angramax of the Arcane Society gathered at the Château de Curieux’s chapel where General Ballihan Oreses had laid out the preparations for Kent’s resurrection. One by one, Varris, Jester, and Angramax made their pleas and offerings to call back the departed mage’s soul, each speaking fondly, heartfelt and apologetic even, of their past experiences together. At the ritual’s conclusion, Kent once again showed signs of life; though remaining asleep, his comrades moved him to proper resting chambers and Angramax stayed by his side for the night.

At Kent’s awakening the following morning, the party each took their turn to visit their revived comrade. In the upcoming days, each adventurer once more addressed their varying personal matters. For André, he finally spent some time with his friend, Louis, after previously neglecting their previous engagements. Kent saw to contacting a number of acquaintances, reinvigorated by his close catch with permanent death; he also sought out proper tutelage from Magistress Miria of Daramond, who provided him with a starting curriculum for him to tackle. Lady Emma Trow, Jester’s mother, finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Bryon, a happy occasion which once more brought the entire Trow family together. Meanwhile, all these events transpired in the days leading up to the party’s departure from the city of Curieux. Idan, in cooperation with the Order of Avalon, had explained to the adventurers a plan to restore General Firon Gael’toryn’s sanity before dire measures were taken to extract the information needed from his broken mind. However, this effort required the expertise of a young, prodigious mage based in the Arcane Society’s former affiliate in the city of Wiltide.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Reviving Kent via resurrection ritual.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Master Angramax
  • High General Ballihan Oreses
  • Louis de Crevier
  • Magistress Miria of Daramond
  • Belinda and Leslie of the Black Cats
  • Idan of the Band of Six
  • Caedon Gael an Toryn
  • The Trow Family

"I feel only the greatest relief and joy that Kent has returned to us. However, I cannot help but worry about what is yet to come."
— Angramax
Report Date
03 Apr 2018
Primary Location

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Author's Notes

This session started off with a resurrection ritual using a modified version of the rules created by Matthew Mercer. The players provided some very sincere and emotional offerings, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't proud of how well it went considering it was the first application of the rules in my campaign. After the resurrection, things slowed down a bit again until Idan essentially gave the party their next mission. Overall, I think the session did well to mark the party's sort of "final" days until they would finally leave Curieux for any extended period of time.

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