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Beren Trow

Sir Beren Ronson Trow (a.k.a. Lord of Trow)

One of the more fantastical and romantic success stories to spawn from Conais in recent memory.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A tall and imposing man with a muscular bulk that has only been partly marred by his age. The only significant deficiency in his physique is his somewhat uneven gait, gained from the loss of his left leg.

Body Features

Beren has light olive toned skin and short, white-gray hair.

Facial Features

A man with a rugged face, strong jawline, and full goatee and beard of the same tone as his hair. He also has a perpetually creased brow and a scar over his left eye.

Physical quirks

Lord Trow is famous for being a left-handed swordsman during his time as part of the royal guard. Since the injury which cost him his leg, he has a somewhat uneven gait due to the prosthetic he wears. Otherwise, he maintains a steady and upright posture characteristic of a trained military man.

Apparel & Accessories

Lord Trow typically wears a form-fitting coat typical of the nobility of the Trow family's signature dark purple. He matches the garment with pants of equally fine cloth.   He is never seen in public without wearing his signet ring.

Specialized Equipment

Lord Trow keeps a longsword at his side with a simple, yet elegant hilt.   On formal occasions or matters of state, he occasionally dons a set of steel armor trimmed in the family's colors. However, it is known that Lord Trow still keeps his armor uniform from when he served in the Royal Guard as part of the Order of the Blue Rose.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 3441 3E, the only child of Ronald and Polly Trow, Beren grew up in the Commons quarter of Curieux. The family managed a passable living on his father's soldier wages and his mother providing some additional support as a seamstress. However, when Ronald was killed in combat, the mother and son briefly found themselves thrown into the streets. Beren, at the time only ten, resorted to finding odd jobs to supplement their meager income.   At sixteen, Beren enlisted in the military to alleviate his mother from the burden of his care and support her from afar. Gifted with a sword, he proved an excellent soldier and received multiple promotions within the span of the next decade. His promotion to the Order of the Blue Rose did not come as a heavy surprise to his peers, though Beren's achievement was overshadowed by Polly's death, without him by her side.   Continuing his service, the Order of the Blue Rose assigned him duties with the Royal Guard. Though a relative subordinate compared to the knights surrounding him, Beren conducted himself with the pride and skill for which he had garnered a reputation. His opportunity to truly distinguish himself came when Princess Emma of Daramond was kidnapped and held hostage by Taillean conspirators while on her way to one of the royal family's country estates. Against orders, Beren carried out a pursuit and rescue mission of the princess. Though the endeavor left him gravely injured, he succeeded in safely finding Princess Emma and returning her to Curieux.   While lambasted by many of the nobility for his brash actions, Beren garnered the favor of Edward II, Princess Emma's brother and the King of Conais. Seeing the potential in the young soldier, King Edward bestowed the status of nobility on Beren as well as succeed the previous Knight Commander of the Royal Guard, who had been shamed out of his position for the lapse with the princess. Less than a year later, the recently elevated Beren Trow implored for Princess Emma's hand in marriage which, with notable hesitation, King Edward II allowed.   Lord Beren Trow's marriage to Princess Emma of Daramond further elevated his status and called for the establishment of a new House with his new ties to the royalty. With Lady Emma of Trow, Beren sired four children, all females, with a fifth underway at a much later time.   Nearly fifteen years after his initial promotion to Knight Commander, Lord Beren Trow failed to prevent the assassination of King Edward II, leaving the throne empty with his son, Edgar, still a minor. As with his predecessor, Lord Trow found no other option but to step down from his position in shame. He has since attempted to apply himself in matters of politics, though to only mild success.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lord Trow was a distinguished soldier of the Conaisan military before becoming a part of the Order of the Blue Rose. As a member of the royal guard, he conducted a daring and successful rescue of the kidnapped Princess Emma of Daramond. Afterwards, he was promoted to Knight Commander of the Royal Guard and served in that facility for over thirteen years.

Failures & Embarrassments

Lord Trow, as Knight Commander of the Royal Guard, was present for the assassination of King Edward II of Daramond. Regarded by himself, and most others around him, as his greatest failure, it is a shame that he perpetually wears on his sleeve, whether of his own desire or not.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Lord Trow made a reputation in the military and in the Order of the Blue Rose as a remarkable swordsman, with enough skill to at one point duel in the finals of the Grand Tournament of the Blades.

Likes & Dislikes

He is a patriot of Conais, through and through. However, few will ever doubt his love and dedication for his wife, Lady Emma Trow.   A noble only be elevation, Lord Trow admonishes all forms of impropriety and breaking of the norms expected of his status.


Social Aptitude

Lord Trow has, in the past, conducted himself as a stern and capable leader in regards to the royal guard and his military duties. He possesses a generally frank and intimidating manner of speech, though not the most eloquent. However, in social functions befitting of his status, he has exhibited a tendency to refer to his wife, and otherwise remain taciturn, albeit attentive.

Hobbies & Pets

Lord Trow possesses an extensive collection of swords, many of which were prizes won over the years. He fences regularly and rides on horseback daily.


He has exhibited a penchant for taking pauses between strings of thought. Otherwise, he maintains a generally low, grave tone when he speaks.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Trow, Duke of Estanny
Biological Sex
Dark green, narrow and almond-shaped
Short gray, white hair
252 lbs.
Aligned Organization
House Trow

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The Third Era

2000 and beyond


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